Book Launch Success–Thank You!

Thank you for everyone who showed up at the book signing. Thanks for buying a copy of Raw Art Journaling, too! It was a good time–a great evening of friends, strangers, excellent questions, good food.

People gathering at Changing Hands bookstore for the book launch

Thanks for all your good wishes, your generous comments, your thoughtful questions. And yes, thanks for buying the book. I  don’t want to overlook that part!

I’ll get back to regular blog posts tomorrow, but I didn’t want to have spent a lot of time asking you to show up and not thank you right away. Tonight was a very special night for me, and one I will remember with joy and warmth for years to come.

Hot night, cool food!

20 thoughts on “Book Launch Success–Thank You!

  1. WOW!!!! This was exciting to read, Quinn….so I can only imagine what it felt like to be there. I’m sure this is something that you will always remember. I am thankful for the book you have written, and can’t wait to do the workshop! Counting the days, my friend! 🙂

    • It as fun, Jacqui! I felt very honored that so many people showed up! I was petrified I’d misspell someone’s name, but I didn’t–at least not that I know of! Can’t wait to start the class over at Artists of the Round Table Yahoo Group!

  2. Quinn, it was so much fun to finally meet you in person, and listen to you speak! You are a delight! I had a wonderful time, and met so many new people, including a few that I had known previously from blogs but had never met in person, like Rita and Lynn. Thank you so much for signing my book and the books I got for two of my friends! YOU ROCK!

    • It was great meeting you, too, Barbara. The whole night was wonderful for me. Once I recognized that a lot of contributors were there, well, then, that was even better! I hope to see you again when we can spend a little more time talking.

  3. So glad to hear it was a huge success – never doubted it for a second! Wish I could have come to support you, but was definitely there in spirit. Congratulations!

  4. The book launch was wonderful! What a crowd! You and Cooking Man did an awesome job – everyone had a great time and enjoyed yummy snacks. It was fun to meet some of the other artists who have work in the book also! It was a great night! Congrats, Quinn!
    And, Rita, your Inner Critics are awesome!

    • Lynn, you did so much work to make it happen! I was thrilled to see contributors there–I was thrilled to see everybody there! Thanks to you and Tom for coming out and helping!

  5. It was wonderful Quinn and your excitement was catching. Congratulations on having a large crowd, great food, lots of laughs, and a great book. Thank you for showing my Inner Critics. (

    • Can’t wait to dig into the class and create! I hope you, your nieces and nephews are loving the book–it would be great to see their work. You can post it at the flickr group for people who want to share their art from the gook. The group is Raw Art Journaling.

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