Product Review: Highlighter Tape

Sure, you can use it in your art journal, or your plain journal, but highlighter tape is saving the training side of my business this week.

Highlighter tape comes three to a pack.

On Tuesday, I’m spending the day at a corporation, running a training program I didn’t write or contribute to. That means I have to study the instructor’s book ahead of time to prepare how to present the course. Most of the time I write notes in the margins, underline sentences I want to emphasize, and make time marks on the pages so I can keep the course moving along. But this time I can’t do any of those things.

The instructor’s manual is a loaner from the company and I am not to make one single mark in it. Not a pencil mark, and certainly not a pen or highlighter mark. What to do? Highlighter tape to the rescue.

Goes on easily, comes off clean. No, it's not the workbook, it's my book: Raw Art Journaling.

I purchased the tape from The Container Store in Scottsdale, Arizona. It comes in a small square case containing three transparent colors–green, yellow, orange, so I can color coordinate–green for items I have to mention, yellow for items I can mention if I have time, but can also skip if a discussion or exercise runs long, and red for tips or exercises that are important to put to use immediately.

Lifts off easily with no residue.

The tape sticks to a page, but can be lifted off cleanly, without a residue. It’s as wide as a line of type, so I can pinpoint material. Each tiny roll has a cutter in the box, so I can tear off as much as I need.

The three colors are different enough to use for color coding.

It’s brightly fluorescent so I can find it easily. It doesn’t damage coated or uncoated pages and won’t peel off color or ink. It’s a great tool. All I have to do is make sure I peel off all the evidence before I return the instructor’s manual.

The tape has no manufacturer’s name on it, other than highlighter tape, and the item number 128.

I recommend it highly for other uses as well–cookbooks, sewing/knitting/crocheting patterns, weaving instructions, sheet music (to mark your part), library reference books, as well as design elements on cards and gift wrap.

FTC-required disclosure: I purchased the tape myself and am receiving no compensation for this review.

Quinn McDonald is a trainer who believes in giving the trainer a workbook as part of the requirement to teaching a class. Because that seems to be a pipe dream, she’s happy she found the tape. Quinn teaches writing for the web, writing emails, copywriting, newsletters, blog writing and a long list of soft skills for hard times.  © Quinn McDonald. All rights reserved. 2011

13 thoughts on “Product Review: Highlighter Tape

  1. Ooh looks like something I HAVE to have! I’ll put Pam on the hunt because she is my shopping addict friend with access to teacher stores, too.

  2. I, too, could not find the product, and didn’t like the choices on Amazon as they were too wide, however I did come acrossa company that sells all different widthsf, and posts internationally! Try as there could be something useful there. I have no idea how prices compare, but its cheaper for me in Australia to buy it from them than to buy it from an Aussie reseller, and I get more choice. Hope this helps.

  3. Hi Quinn,
    Very cool idea for presentations. Sometimes I “forget” to mention a very important point and this would be a brain cue.

    I wonder if you could also use this tape on an acrylic ruler? For instance when I’m cutting piece after piece of 2.5 inch squares (fabric) with my rotary cutter, one of these highlighter tapes could go on the 2.5 inch line so I wouldn’t have to keep relooking and lining up the fabric as carefully every time.

    Thanks for the tip. I will definitely look out for this product.
    Vicky F

  4. Ooooooh! I love this idea. For some odd reason — after years of NEVER defacing any of my books — I have discovered that I get immense joy in adding my ideas, interpretations, even doodles!, in the margins. Not sure what it’s all about, but this tape sounds like a super fun addition! Thanks.

  5. I have something similar that I think I found in the drafting section of an art or craft store. Mine are small rolls and didn’t come with a cutter. I use them for marking measurements on my paper cutter when I have to cut many papers to a specific size. They work great!

  6. Great tip as I am always reluctant to write in books, mine or certainly not in those borrowed. I’ll be searching this out pronto. Many thanks.

  7. Looks fun aswell as useful Quinn! I can see it brightening up journals too! 😉
    I recently bought some coloured sellotape – cheap, but cheerful… 🙂

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