Working the Line

For the next few days, I want to try some line work. Very simple, no color. I admire Elizabeth Perry’s simple, direct (and daily!) work. I thought I’d try practicing some more realistic work, just as a step into something different.

The instant I drew it, I began to wonder who this person was and what his backstory was. Where is he heading? Is he heading into the mountains or coming from them? What has he seen? Why did he choose to wander to begin with? When I looked at it again, it reminded me of the Little Prince. It’s interesting where a simple sketch leads.

Update: After I journaled about who this figure is, I decided to see what happens when I add color. It creates a completely different result.

This is ink wash,  watercolor pencils, Pitt Pen and Sakura gel pens on watercolor paper.

–Quinn McDonald is an explorer of words, ideas, and dreams.