L.A. Journey

Last week it was off to Los Angeles to do a book signing and to celebrate the birthday of a friend who got me started writing a book. She and I wrote a book together and couldn’t get a publisher. The book was a divorce workbook, and all those many years ago, publishers considered it “controversial and not appropriate to the seriousness of the matter of divorce.” Now all the ideas we had–divorce parties and cards–are everywhere. Norine and I have found other publishers, and I wish her a very happy milestone birthday.

Before I left I filled up my travel mug with coffee–and then I saw this truck.

Enough coffee for you?

I don’t think I want to drink coffee that comes in a tanker truck–there are consequences to drinking all that coffee–and driving across the desert means not that many open rest stops.

Driving West means you’ll be squinting at the sun all afternoon. I noticed the mountains covered in haze, and the sun set like a red rubber ball, with not much fanfare at all.

Small sun means not so much glare.

Probably the first time I was grateful for air-dirt. Sort of like built-in sunglasses.

Mural in Atwater.

The murals in L.A. are wonderful. This one was on a building that was two stories tall.

I wan't sure if I was looking for more science fiction writers or more religion leaders.

Of course there is an L. Ron Hubbard Way in Los Angeles. No sandworms alley, though.

Visit Zinnia in South Pasadena--it's heaven for collage artists.

If you are in L.A., go to Zinnia in South Pasadena. You can see it at the top, center. Tamara is a wonderful person with a store that is so full of beautiful ephemera, your eyes will not know where to stop looking. And they don’t have to. Say hello to Alley, the very cool cat, too. I’ll be back here to teach a class. We’re working out the details.

For a fabulous dinner, go to the Bistro de la Garre–the waitstaff spoils you and the food is fresh and delicious. Time for a splurge!

-Quinn McDonald is schlepping around the West Coast on a book tour. This week she’ll be in Seattle (Third Space Books on the 25th of October at 7 p.m.) and then off to JournalFest for a few days of creative boost!