Art Journal Page–Finishing the Look

When you are solving problems as you go along, you hit a point at which you don’t know if you need one more step, or if you need to step away because you are done.

I’m working on a holder for a postcard project I’m planning out. The outside is a book cover, and the inside folios are monsoon papers. In order for them to hold the cards, I folded up the bottom margin by about 1.5 inches.

Monsoon paper postcard holder

Once I stacked the folio pages on top of each other, the backs of the pages has no bottom fold. I thought briefly of sewing a strip to the back of each of the folded sheets, but I knew that they would not be even. And that was going to drive me crazy. Instead, I cut a triangle from the monsoon papers, and put them on the page opposite the fold-up.

Next step?

The triangles were exact, but the pages weren’t, so on some of them, you can see the triangles have a margin showing. The choices I’ve thought of are:

  • Ignore the margin, the page is busy. (Ohhhhh, noooooo)
  • Use rivets at the 3 corner points to show attachments. (May create  marks on the cards when the book is shut.)
  • Hand-stitch an overhand stitch on the outside edge of the triangle. (Will that look messy?)
  • I can’t use the sewing machine to stitch the edge, because of the fold on the other side. It won’t be straight/even equally on both front and back.
  • Draw tiny stitches with a gel pen, most likely yellow or blue, along the triangles. (Will that just call attention to the margin?)

What’s my next step?   What would you suggest?

Note: Some great suggestions already–Thanks! I’ll be trying out a few of them this weekend, but I’m open to more.

Quinn McDonald is a writer and monsoon paper maker who is open to suggestions.