Day 26: Adapt Until it Works

Day 26: Using what you’ve learned.
We experimented with writing styles, locations, times. Now it’s time to choose what works and leave behind what doesn’t. Knowing, of course, that no decision needs to be final, and we can change to adjust to what works best today.

Wisdom from the Comments:
From Krystyna: “I remember . . . saying in despair to my therapist “Am I just going round in circles”. . . He said: “Maybe you need to go round in circles. Maybe you need to keep coming back to the same thing and looking at it from a different angle. Going round in circles can be a very valuable thing to do.”

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Moon caught in tree. © Copyright 2012 Quinn McDonald

Experimenting is a revealing and interesting action. What you think is true is not, what you were uncertain of swims into focus. Like a shadow forming itself into a shape in the dark, we recognize that what we gave up was serving us after all.

I shifted walking times, writing times, places. And what conclusion did I come to? That hiking is not walking meditation, that unless the discipline happens early, the rest of the day won’t connect.

There may be days I don’t want to walk first thing in the morning, but I have to ask why. Is it too cold? Put out a scarf and vest the night before. Am I too tired? An earlier bedtime is useful. I would love to sleep till I’m no longer tired and go to bed when I’m finished doing what I want to do, but that schedule doesn’t serve my creativity.

Experimenting has shown me: I need to get up and do walking meditation in the morning, first thing. Once the day hooks me, I’m not going to struggle to do the meditation.

I need to write when I come back from walking meditation. At that point, my ideas are fresh, my goals are stepped out, my dreams are vivid. Waiting allows it all to dull like a peeled apple.

If I want to enjoy the fabulous weather, I need to plan an additional hike. Walking meditation is not hiking, and as much as I love to do both, there will be days I can’t. A walk that doesn’t require driving, a lot of equipment, or car keys is best. I’ll manage that. I must. When I come back, do the writing, and then the work day begins.

I still have to figure out how to fold studio time into the day on a regular basis. It always comes last–even after I write the blog. Often, it’s just too late. I’m still working on that, because in my head, the financial work comes first, everything else next.

What have you learned from your experiments over the last weeks?

–Quinn McDonald is the author of Raw Art Journaling: Making Meaning, Making Art. She needs to get back into the writing habit.