Join Me at Valley Ridge, May 5-6, 2012

It’s exciting news—my newest class will be premiering at Valley Ridge Art Studio (near Madison, Wisconsin) this coming May 5 and 6. Postcards from The Other Side of Your Brain combines collage, found poetry, creative visualization, intuitive writing, ink used as watercolor, and surface decoration fun into a two-day class that uses both sides of the brain. Registration begins today, January 14.

Collage card © Quinn McDonald All rights reserved

The idea from the class came from many visits from the inner critic––that voice that says you aren’t good enough and don’t have enough of whatever you need to create.

I’ve spent years trying to chase the critic out of my studio, my decisions, my heart, only to see him sneak back in with his message of lack and attack. I hid him under the doormat, the linen closet, and the laundry room while I was working. I drew images of him and tore them up and burned them. But he came back. Pretty soon,  I was so scared of finding the inner critic has sneaked back, I was patrolling the borders of my creativity. A lot of the time. Not doing art.

Then I had a huge idea: what if I stopped chasing him out and invited him in—to meet the inner crusaders who protect and inspire me? What are inner crusaders? Well, if I have an inner critic, I have inner crusaders–an alchemist, a cartographer (who gets me out of tight creative spots), a tightrope walker, a lion tamer (the inner critic can be tough), a judge, a mathematician, a locksmith. . . you get the idea. Inner resources to support my creative source.

Monsoon paper © Quinn McDonald

What if we invited the inner critic into the big circle of our imagination, along with our crusaders and hashed out the difficult project? After all, sometimes the inner critic has a point–there are some times I am following the wrong creative idea, using a poor-choice technique. Wouldn’t that result in some interesting ideas, thoughts, projects, and answers? It did for me.

And I’m bringing the process to Valley Ridge to share with you.

Using both sides of your brain—the left side’s logic and order and the right side’s intuitive creative force, you are going to create postcards from interesting and imaginative crusaders who protect and serve your creativity. The completed pieces will contain iconography and powerful language, color and wisdom to support your creative journey.

Ink as watercolor with found poetry. © Quinn McDonald, All rights reserved.

And yes, we will be making Monsoon Papers. Uncontrolled and always wonderful, monsoon papers will form a holder for the tarot-like cards you make.

Best of all, you’ll spend time at the very special place that is Valley Ridge to nurture your body and spirit in a natural setting. The night before we start, we’ll share a meal (and wine!) and talk about what’s important to us as creative souls.

I’m so happy to be sharing this. I can’t wait to meet everyone!

Read more about the class (and register) here.

-Quinn McDonald makes postcards from the other side of her brain with ink-stained fingers from an ink-stained heart.