Square Book, Part II

Yesterday, I complained about not liking my square journal. Today, I decided to try it one last time. At the same time, I joined an online class (Jacqui Graham’s Yahoo Group, Artists of the Round Table) whose goal is to make every book in Alisa Golden’s book–and there are 100 of them. I may not last, but it was fun getting started.

It turned out that the book we made was. . . a square. I pressed ahead. I’ll admit the book structure was fun. It was made out of an 8.5-inch x 11-inch sheet of paper, folded and cut. It had a separate cover, made out of heavy paper.

Cover of tiny book, showing dried orchid

For emphasis on the tiny structure, I used lace paper for the inside. In the pockets, I tucked dried pansies. The cover flower is a dried orchid. The novelty was interesting, but tiny, multi-fold books are not the joy of my life.

Dried pansy inside the lace book.

I also noticed that no matter how carefully you fold, the book wants to wonk out of shape. I made three of these–one with printer paper, one with thick paper and the one here, which was the only one that worked. There is a group that’s dedicated to making all 100 of these books. Really? Well, I’ll press on.

Back to the square journal. I’m working on some collage at the moment, so I borrowed some photographs from Bo Mackison at Seeded Earth (I asked and she said yes, even when she found out I was altering them. That was very kind.) In this one, I added metallic hand lettering and a background made from a color transfer. It’s the square journal, and I just had to use the second page. It says, “Put your ear down to your soul and listen.” –Anne Sexton.

In both these pages, I had to continue to the other side to get the rectangle approach. I prefer portrait orientation, but landscape it had to be. I cut out the original image in the adobe house and made the cut out work both ways. On the first page, you see a photograph of the moon (Bo didn’t take that one, I did).

When the page is turned the window now looks out on the endless road. I’m pleased with the idea, but not the execution. The cutline says, “Walk into your own Night.”

Now I just have to decide if I finish the book in not-great collage, or if it’s OK to abandon it for now, maybe come back to it later, or just have a book that’s half done. Any suggestions what to do with the rest of the book?

–Quinn McDonald wants to move on to free-standing collage pages. She’s the author of Raw Art Journaling.