The dream of lions

Running impala from

Here is what I dreamed last night.

A lioness was chasing an impala across the savannah. Both were running hard. The impala was leaping and turning, agile and lithe.

The lioness was muscular and strong, running lean and low, digging in to make the sharp turns.

Lioness from wallpaper,net

In the dream, I wondered how the race would end. Who would win, the powerful lion or the agile impala.

I was filled with a deep peace and heard the Bruce Cockburn song playing in the distance.

And then I saw the difference between the two. It wasn’t the stride, or the size of the muscles. It was in the intention, the purpose of running.  The lion was running for her dinner. The impala was running for her life.

–Quinn McDonald is lucky enough to remember her dreams.

8 thoughts on “The dream of lions

    • I love the poem and the blue lion on your site. It’s got some very strong elements in it that are wonderful. Dreams can be interpreted several ways. One of the oldest ways is to assume you are everyone (or thing) in the dream. Another way is more complex, to analyze the face value of the dream, and then what each portion means in context with my life. In this case, I’m going to focus on the line in the song in the dream, “I’m thinking about eternity, some kind of ecstasy has a hold on me.” There seems to be a strong link between running for your life and running TO your life in that dream. But that’s just a start.

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