Collage Postcard

Chris Dunmire runs The Creativity Portal. If you’ve never visited, do take a peek. You may never come back, but I’d rather have you slip into the rabbit hole of wonder and creativity than not see it. Chris is turning 40, and wants postcards. You don’t have to ask me twice.

I wanted to make a collage postcard for Chris, something that expressed a wish and was fun to make.

Three wise-woman wishes for Chris.

After some thought, I wanted to send Chris the traditional three magic wishes. Because Chris is a powerful woman, I wanted the wishes to be women.

Three women, watching the dawn of a new year, each with the power of a wish. One represents travel and international friendship, one represents color and self-expression, one represents words and thoughts–all happy, of course!

Start with a base of Strathmore, ready-cut 5×7-inch watercolor paper (cold press). I cut out the cloaks–from a map, a piece of shaving-foam marbled paper, and a book page. Then I cut out the hair from black paper and sprayed it with a product called Goosebumps Texture Spray by Tsukineko. The spray adds a gloss and speckles. I used it to add gloss and texture to the hair, to separate it from the background.

When I was done, I created a morning sky with the marbled paper, added a mountain horizon with black paper that covered the rest of the card. Then I added the three wishing wise women and their hair.

Of course, the second I completed the card, I wanted to make a series–lighter background, different cloaks. Maybe different hair. It might be irresistible to try.

Happy Birthday, Chris!

–Quinn McDonald loves making single-page art journal sheets that she brazenly calls postcards and  mails.


15 thoughts on “Collage Postcard

  1. I was reading away thinking how lovely the postcard was – I’m very fond of back-views as I get to put the face on that I imagine – but then I read the magic words ‘shaving-foam marbled paper’. Followed the link and wrote shaving foam on my grocery list – words that have NEVER been on my list before I might add. Guess what I’m going to do when my grand-daughters visit next? And the parents have to play as well at my house!

    And thanks for the Creativity Portal link – something to look at later.

    • You get to put the face on that you imagine, and I don’t have to draw a face! I’m not an illustrator, but that’s not necessary here. And shaving cream marbling? You are going to have a ton of fun withe the grandkids. If they are young, use tempera colors. It washes off more easily.

  2. Thanks, Quinn~ I like the cloaks that you cut from the different papers for the women, and the different ideas they represent. Actually I like the whole postcard, but that little touch I think is really evocative.

    • Thanks. I really do want to make several of these, with different cloaks, background, hair. I think it would be an interesting series. It may take a while, though. Sooo much work this week!

  3. You are right Quinn! I almost forgot to come back from the link to the Creativity Portal. It is great. Not sure if many people in the SouthWest know about the link that I found on her website… It is an incredible idea and thought I would pass it on. Will send a birthday greeting to Chris…wish I were 40 again :/ Thanks, Mary Ann Rankin, San Antonio

    • Shhhhh. on this site you can be any age you want to be. Who would know? FirstBorn is now older than I am! There are so many links on that site, it makes your head happy. (Disclosure: I write for the site from time to time.) She really built it up from a cute newsletter to this great site.

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