QuinnCreative on the Road

In a month, I’m going to launching a series of classes in completely different

Fish done in drawing class, yellow stripe and blue face is done in Sharpie glitter.

places. The purpose of the classes are many–to gather information for my next book, to launch an idea that I think is both powerful and interesting, and to invite people to step into their own creativity. Particularly those people who have been working with kits and finding them unsatisfying.

Here is where I will be. If you are close, if you are far away,  if you want an adventure, please join me.

May 5-6: Valley Ridge, Wisconsin. Postcards from the Other Side of Your Brain.
Who it’s for: For anyone, artistic or not, who struggles with a loud, obnoxious inner critic. For those who love Monsoon Papers and want to learn how to make it.
What to expect: Two days of class that will help you work out ways to listen what the inner critic has to say, take the small hard truths out as raw material, and journal about them. (In guided visualizations). Use the writing to create your own wisdom in answering the critic.

You’ll make the popular Monsoon Papers and make a holder for your free-standing journal pages. To make the free-standing journal pages, you’ll also learn collage techniques with photographs, colored papers, and words.  You’ll also learn meditative ink-and-water technique and found poetry. You’ll create your very personal way to invite your inner critic into an open conversation with your inner advocates. You’ll be surprised at the reach, deep conversation. What you learn here will be a technique you can use for the rest of your life.
How to register: Go to the Valley Ridge website and register from there. Price: $310, or under $20 an hour. There are still several places left.

Dragonfly done in drawing class.

May 18: An event in Scottsdale, AZ. I’m still working with the details, so I can’t be informative. More to come.

May 31-June 2: Great American Scrapbook Convention, Arlington, TX. (Dallas Area)
Who it’s for: Anyone who already works on scrapbooks but wants to try something that incorporates their very own creativity.
What to expect: This fast-paced class will help you learn how to fill journal pages with fresh ideas, big ideas, tiny ideas–all in great fun and color. You will walk away with your own masu-box of magic words, and a skill that you can use to add sparkle and punch to your journals for years.

How to register: This takes you directly to the registration page. This takes you to the home page of the Great American Scrapbook Convention.

Flowers done in drawing class, tulips done in Sharpie glitter and Twinkling H20s

June 22-23,  Great American Scrapbook Convention in Chantilly VA.
I’m going to Chantilly, Virginia, too, and teaching One Sentence Journaling there, too! So if you can’t make it to Texas, click on the link to Chantilly and join the class there!

Quinn McDonald is excited to be teaching and meeting a whole new group of people at scrapbooking conventions! Come and say hello!


4 thoughts on “QuinnCreative on the Road

  1. I came upon your blog via Susan Loughrin whom I’ve gotten to know via twitter. Have been enjoying the inspiration you provide in making journaling more expansive and creative. Love the agenda for your workshop: “invite your inner critic into an open conversation with your inner advocates.” Wish I could attend!

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