Gel Transfers, Longstitch Journal, Ideas

Last Saturday, I posted a few links to tutorials and older blog posts you might find interesting if weekends are studio days for you. You encouraged me, so I’m doing it again. Have fun in the studio (and the kitchen with the orange peel lamp)!

All these open in a new window for ease of viewing and returning:

Gel transfer how-tos, tips,  and videos.

Longstitch journals are ideal if you are a mixed media artist. The spine is flat so you can have fat pages and still work in the book. And it’s not hard to make. This blogpost shows results, and has links to a how-to and a finished long-stitch journal.

The huge variety of watercolor brushes always overwhelms me. Here’s a demo on the difference between natural and synthetic watercolor brushes.

You can get oranges any time of year, and summer nights are just right for an orange oil lamp. (Results may vary. Mine is in the photo.) You can also do it with lemons and limes.

–Quinn McDonald is spending time in the studio this weekend. She’s thinking about another book.



6 thoughts on “Gel Transfers, Longstitch Journal, Ideas

  1. I’d forgotten the orange peel candle and loved it at the time. I put on the must-try-this list . . . but didn’t. My next orange will be a test!
    And a word of appreciation, your links always open in a new window. And by way of a reference to your post yesterday, I find it irksome when bloggers don’t set this up. . . not traumatised, just irked.
    Oh, and check out the language in sporting comments in the news. Perhaps sports commentators are erstwhile war correspondents?
    How we language our lives is very telling . . .

    • I always open links in new windows. Someone once told me why it was a bad idea, but I forgot, because i think it is such a good idea. But I thought I’m mention it for people who were new and wanted to open all the links at the same time. Sports commentators as war correspondents. That really made me laugh. So true!

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