Buried Treasure

Seth Apter invited bloggers to Dig for Gold on his Buried Treasure Hunt. The idea is to return to an old blog that has meaning, but has long been buried. I wondered about tutorials or projects, but decided to go with a blog that incorporated a dream.

The terror of my dreams–the toaster cozy.

I do a lot of dream work–using my dreams to inspire journal pages or stories. In this dream, which was close to a nightmare, I was in a class that made toaster cosies–those covers for kitchen appliances from the 1960s and 70s.

The thing that made the dream interesting was the meaning that became clear when I wrote about it. Luckily, as soon as I woke up from the dream, I wrote down the details, knowing how quickly they can vanish.

Enjoy your dreams and the toaster cozy story!

Quinn McDonald is a writer and art journaler. She remembers toaster cozies with a mix of nostalgia and fear.


4 thoughts on “Buried Treasure

  1. I think you missed a couple things in interpreting that dream. I’ll explain. You were making that cozy out of tyvek. Now, Tyvek was invented at DuPont by a man named Jim White. And DuPont was established as a company in 1802 to make gunpowder. 1802 is made up of 18 and 02, which added together make 20. Now, back to Mr. White — this is a dream about a toaster, remember, and the most common thing to put in a toaster, particularly in the mid 1960s when Tyvek was introduced, was what? WHITE bread! And what’s the iconic white bread from that era? WONDER Bread, of course! Now, in 1967 when Tyvek was introduced, Wonder Bread packaging had multicolored balloons on a white background. How many balloons, you ask? Turns out it was TWENTY, which draws our attention back to 1802. But we’ve exhausted the link to DuPont, I think, so then you might ask what ELSE happened in 1802? Well…the first performance of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata! MOONLIGHT! And you had that dream (based on the date of posting at least) toward the end of July 2010 — when there was a brilliant full moon. So clearly what that dream was trying to tell you was to get up and go outside to look at the full moon where you would have been able to retrieve a balloon randomly floating by suspending beneath it a tyvek envelope in which was a fresh slice of Wonder Bread, which you would have gone back inside to toast, thus avoiding the stray bullet from the drive-by shooting a few blocks away that would have been headed straight for you, propelled by good old-fashioned DuPont gunpowder! Of course, it all worked out okay because to the dream’s astonishment you stayed asleep during the slightly outlandish story that was all it had been able to come up with on such short notice, and thus you avoided disaster anyway.

    Cozy indeed!

  2. Often don’t remember dreams – but last nite had a doosey – which woke me with it’s insanity – did the same as you – got up and wrote down the details so i wouldn’t forget – tried to go back to sleep- but wanted to go downstairs to my studio and do a journal page with the items from the dream – know there is a lesson or story for me – but with work calling – finally rolled over and went back to sleep – but the idea for the journal page remains and i’m anxious to get home and see what i learn from putting it together.

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