Easily Amused

After I pulled the dryer lint out of the lint trap, I took a closer look. It was really interesting–a mix of dark and light fibers. It looked like angry clouds, or a foaming ocean in a storm.

Dryer lint, threatening clouds, foaming ocean.

I sent the photo to a friend who said, “You are easily amused.” She meant no harm; It was a phrase you say when you don’t know what else to say, much like you ask “How are you?” without really expecting a specific answer.

I gave the phrase some thought. It happens to be true. I marvel easily, amuse easily, wonder easily and, most likely, over think easily.

Being easily amused is generally thought of as the realm of the child or the simple adult. But I’ve found that delighting often, being amused at life, from everything from dryer lint to fake honors, makes life a lot easier to bear.

We cannot expect life to be easy, perfect, glowing and filled with satisfying relationships. All those require work, and not all work is successful. No reason to stop trying, though.

Being easily amused means that life is lighter, frothier, and fits more comfortably than we have a right to expect. There are many perfect moments in life, but we have to recognize them. There is no limit to love, amusement, or feeling good. Reach out for as much as you want. There is enough for everyone.

Quinn McDonald is an optimist and occasional over-thinker. She would rather laugh once too often than be serious once too often.