Saturday Review

Links to some posts you may not have read, or forgotten about, or just wouldn’t mind seeing again. (When you have almost 1,500 posts, it’s nice to pull up some new-to-you ones.) Theme for today is: inventive use of materials you already have in the house.

Make a travel journal using materials you probably have, like #10 envelopes. Write on the envelopes, store tickets and memorabilia in the envelopes. Also great for business travel: Store receipts, currency, luggage pick-up tags, and parking lot tickets in the envelopes.

File-folder accordion journal for use with postcards. What, you’ve never sent yourself postcards? It’s a wonderful surprise!

Carry your ICAD (index card a day) blanks and in-progress with you. Make a Tyvek take-along.

Book arts eye candy–grab a napkin before clicking on the link; you’ll be drooling over these amazing pieces.

Quinn McDonald forgets exactly what all is in those almost 1,500 posts herself. It’s like digging through an idea attic. Some old posts look like clothes from the 80s–all big shoulder pads and horribly dated, others still stand up well.


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