A Year Ago Today. . . (and a giveaway)

Note: The winners have been chosen! Congratulations Melydia on winning the book! Laurie Morris and Lisa from Artist Cellar have won the paper. Thanks to all for participating!

It’s been a year since Raw Art Journaling was launched. A year ago tonight I stood at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe and did what I had wanted to do since I was eight years old–introduced a book I hoped would help people try out their creativity.

Pinna Joseph, from Changing Hands, introducing Raw Art Journaling a year ago.

What I loved most of all was all of the loving and generous people who decided not to stay home, but to show up and smile and celebrate the book with me. Tonia Davenport (now Jenny), who edited the book and encouraged me to be unconventional; Lynn Trochelman, an incredible cheerleader and art instigator; Rosaland Hannibal, a spiritual and creative powerhouse and explorer who experimented fearlessly. Bonnie Barnard, whose brainchild Creative Mastermind group introduced me to an incredible group of women who became friends. I’m grateful to everyone who showed up, stood in line, purchased a book and shared encouraging and loving wishes. Particularly the Arizona Calligraphers and Maverick Quilters.

The books at Changing Hands bookstore

Some of the contributors to the book came, too. Journey Cole, Barbara Hagerty, Rita Ackerman.

Pinna Joseph, marketing director at Changing Hands, and one of the first friends I made in Phoenix, introduced the book. Cooking Man made food for the party.

In the past year, I have heard from so many people who purchased the book, tried the exercises, and fell in love with meaning making. Wonderful emails that proved that art transforms and mends. I also received a few emails from cranky people who didn’t like the book. That’s OK. It was not ever meant to please everyone. I’m so pleased the book did so well,  is still doing well, and I’d like to thank everyone who bought the book and discovered a part of themselves that made meaning and had fun.

Samples of Monsoon Papers in a variety of colors

To celebrate, I’m giving away a copy of Raw Art Journaling and, for those of you who own it, a chance at one of two pieces of Monsoon Paper. Just leave a comment and let me know if you want the book (signed), or a piece of Monsoon Paper (let me know if you want it in tones of blue or brown.) Each sheet of paper is about 12″ x 24″ and can be used for journaling, card making or other paper art projects.

The drawing will happen on Saturday evening, July 28, 2012 at midnight Eastern Daylight Time.

Thanks again for an incredible experience!

—Quinn McDonald is working on her next book, The Hero’s Art Journal: Mixed Media Conversations with the Inner Critic. She hopes to be doing giveaways, classes, and an incredible book launch sometime late next year. She hopes to meet more of you then.

88 thoughts on “A Year Ago Today. . . (and a giveaway)

  1. Yes! I’d like to own a copy of “Raw Art Journaling” and it would be even sweeter if it were FREE! I’d also love a piece of Monsoon paper in blue tones.

    • I’m sorry Christine, the drawing has already taken place. Winners are at the bottom of the blog and on today’s blog as well. Thanks for participating–and I’ll be having another giveaway this week.

  2. Happy anniversary, Quinn! I remember that night well and already look forward to the *next* celebratory release of “Hero’s Art Journal”. 🙂
    Oh, if mine is the comment chosen, I would love a sample of your monsoon paper–in any color!

  3. I am a late in life Communication Design student (49 years young) and would love to have a signed copy of your book! There is no such thing as too much inspiration!

  4. Hi Quinn. Happy Anniversary. I gifted my copy of your book, so either the signed copy of the book or the monsoon paper in blue tones would be wonderful.

  5. I have begged an borrowed he use of your book over the last year – it is so much fun and really inspirational to someone who can’t draw a straight line. Congratulations and a huge thank you

  6. Hi, Quinn! Congratulations on the anniversary of your book launch! What a great milestone to celebrate! Lisa of Artist Cellar sent me to visit you from Facebook. I would love to win a copy of your Raw Art Journaling book! Thanks for the generous opportunity! ♥

  7. Congratulations on your book!! I just found you in a most odd round about way and am excited to explore your site and see your new book. I’m in Tucson, so you are not far from me!! I would love to win a signed copy of your book and the gorgeous blue paper!! Can’t wait to get to know you more!!

  8. I have and love your book,Quinn! Can’t wait for your new one! I would love some monsoon paper in tones of brown. I hope some day you’ll be visiting Illinois. Enjoy your blog messages every day; they are so useful in the class that I teach.

  9. i’m new to art journalling and your inspiration would be a great gift on my journey right now, as well as being able to share the ideas with others. I’d love to receive your book as a companion for the road ahead. Many thanks. xx

  10. I’d love your book. I’d help me a lot in my journaling. Thanks for the giveaway and congrats on this aniversary

  11. I already own your book! I would love some blue monsoon paper! Congratulations on your one year anniversary!! And its exciting that youre writing a second one!!

  12. Happy Anniversary, Quinn!
    I can’t believe I’ve had your book for a year, but I pre-ordered it on Amazon, so it must be true. Many books just sit on the shelf, but I read this one cover to cover, did many of the exercises, and return to some of them again and again. Thank you for that, and I look forward to the next book. I’d love to win the monsoon paper in blue.

  13. I would love to have a signed copy of your book! It is on my wish list but have not been able to get it yet! And congrats!!!!!!

  14. Quinn,
    I am absolutely thrilled for you with this all important anniversary of Raw Art Journaling. I appreciate your making-meaning premise and your love of art and journaling and all the great ideas for journaling that you provide.

    I celebrate with you!
    (I don’t have a copy of your book but I’ve seen it in the bookstore and it’s awesome.)

    Be refreshed,
    Dawn Herring
    Host of #JournalChat Live and Links Edition on Twitter

  15. I have been looking or this book locally and thought I will probably have to go online to buy it. Maybe I will have the chance to win it here first.

  16. Quinn: I have been thinking that I want to buy a copy of your book, but I wanted you to sign it. I have borrowed it from the library, but could only keep it for 3 weeks because there was a waiting list of people who wanted to read it. Through your blog every day I feel that I already know you even though we have never met. I am going to be starting an on-line Visual Journaling class in September where I hope to be able to share with other people what an amazing tool the Visual Journal can be in searching for who you are and what you want to do with your life. You have been so inspirational to me and have helped me have some life changing experiences based on suggestions you make in your blog. Thank you for generosity of giving so much of yourself every day!

  17. I am also an owner of Raw Art Journaling and a regular reader of your great blog. I’d love to win some monsoon papers even though I will be learning to make them in January!

  18. Ever since I started following your blog last December, I have been wanting a copy of your book. I would love to win a copy, but even if I do not, I will certainly be buying one in the near future. Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. This is so exciting, isn’t it?

    A year already since the big launch! That was so much fun to celebrate with you, Cooking Man, and some of the other contributors to the book! Thank you again for including something of mine in it. What an honor… And, what a book! I loved it so much, I’ve gifted it to several friends and still recommend it to people who are new to art journaling and not sure where to begin and to others looking for new ways to get thoughts on paper.
    I can’t wait to learn more about the new book and to add that to my favorites list! Congratulations, Quinn. Thanks for writing a book that so many can use!

  20. Quinn,
    Thank you so much for this book–and the giveaway! I LOVE your book and am very excited about your second book. I’d love to win the monsoon papers (blue tones).

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts so generously in your blog!

    create on!

  21. I’d love to gift this to my young niece…she got all of the creative genes in my family. I want her to continue to nurture them.

  22. Hi Quinn,
    I love your book! Thanks for the giveaway, and congratulations! I love those blue monsoon papers! 🙂

  23. I won one of your handmade journals years ago so won’t put my hand up for a chance here but I do want to say “happiness” on your anniversary and “more happiness” on your next book!

  24. This is very generous of you Quinn. I would love to have Raw Art Journaling after following your blog this past few months. I’ve started playing with the watercolors purchased several years ago thanks to you and even made an envelope journal for our vacation last week that was useful and easy to keep up . How fun it would be to use a shade of blue monsoon paper in my next journal!

  25. Congratulations! It’s a fabulous book and you deserve your success. I wanna know… Where were you and Rita and Lynn when I lived in Phoenix 20 years ago? I probably would’ve stayed if I had art friends, LOL.

  26. Happy Anniversary Quinn!
    I am a very proud owner of your book and it has not only inspired me but also my teenager ( who normally only does digital art) to start her very own art journal and combine her digital masterpieces with her “hard copy ” as she calls it. I think she would love to have the monsoon paper in a blue hue as she already considers MY copy of your book HERS!
    Looking forward to your next book… 🙂

  27. I do not have Raw Art Journaling, but either the book or a paper would be great. I really enjoy your e-mails. They always make me think and help me decide if I need to change my attitude to be happy.

  28. Congratulations on the one year anniversary of Raw Art Journaling and the plans for your new book. That is exciting news. I would love to win your book! What a generous giveaway. I am an assistant in a Kindergarten classroom and try to introduce art into the curriculum as often as possible. I share my art (handmade artist books — altered books, folded pages to make 3 D “sculptures”, books made out of crushed aluminum cans etc. and also my art journal pages) with the children. For Mother’s Day I made X-books for them and printed out the words My Mom is Special Because. . .which they glued to the cover of the book. They then decorated the cover and inside wrote 3 reasons why their Mom was special and drew a picture to accompany the reasons. There is a secret diamond shaped opening “inside” the book when you pull the pages apart a certain way and the children drew rainbows, hearts etc. and wrote many “I love yous” there. They LOVED making these books for their Moms and were so proud to give them to their Moms at the special Mother’s Day Tea we host in the classroom. I think their favorite part was the secret hiding place! They loved showing their Moms how the book with pages transformed and then had secret messages and pictures inside. I imagine that your book might have ideas that I could use in the classroom. I also like to share ideas with our art teacher for projects she can do with all the classes (pre-K to second grade aged kids). Thanks for your blog entries. I look forward to reading them as they always provide much food for thought. It seems as though we often have similar views on things. All the best as you write your new book!

  29. Happy Raw Art Journaling Anniversary, Quinn! I’m fortunate to own a copy of Raw Art Journaling, but how fun it would be to win a piece of monsoon paper. Thank you.

  30. Congratulations Quinn! I love your book and I love the monsoon papers so no drawing for me either but I just wanted to send my well wishes.

  31. while I would love an autographed copy of your book, I do already own the book. So perhaps the monsoon papers would be a better choice for me. So exciting that you are on to another book!

  32. Happy anniversary! Such a lovely post in it´s gratitude and joy.
    I´m waiting for my copy which is taking the panoramic route (packages have been known to take between four to six months arriving here, specially now with the new customs laws that stop things at the port *sigh*) and looking forward to savouring it. 🙂

  33. I have your book and have enjoyed it greatly. I would be a special treat to have a piece of your monsoon paper.

  34. I purchased the book from you while at the awesomeness that is Valley Ridge Art Studio:^) Loved you, the workshop, and my fellow students. Are you looking for contributors to your next book? . . . you know where to find us! I’d enjoy some monsoon paper in ANY color.

  35. I would love to receive your book. My journal writing seems so boring compared to yours and I feel I could learn a lot from your ideas and suggestions.

  36. Congratulations Quinn! I love your book and loved your class at Valley Ridge. I made the monsoon paper folders with my sister, daughter, and nieces a couple weeks ago. This week we will be filling them with stories, drawings, and vacation ephemera. If my name is selected in the drawing I would be grateful to receive a book, which I would gift to my sister, or a piece of your beautiful monsoon paper in any color.I can’t wait to see your new book! All the best, Cris

  37. I’ve been wanting your book for a while now…having a signed copy would be awesome! Thanks for the chance to win.

  38. Happy Anniversary! I’ll be dancing around the room if I receive a signed copy of your book –if I should be so lucky…and if my name is drawn for Monsoon papers, one of each shade would be so very nice to be able to do things with, and rest assured it would be put to use, with joy 🙂

  39. Oh, I’d LOVE a piece of that monsoon paper since I’m already an owner of your book! 🙂 What a year to celebrate!!! I do not care what tones the paper is in, really. Surprise me. It’s all beautiful so how could I possibly choose?

  40. Quinn, I found your book about 4 months ago and have enjoyed many of the exercises., esp. ways to hide my words. I have two frustrating stepsons, I get a lot out of my head using your ideas. So, thank you for a great book. I also get a lot of good, often cleansing, thoughts from your blog. So, if those monsoon papers find their way to me, I will put them to good use. Regards, Ruth

  41. I’d love to win your book so I can take it off my wish list at Amazon and put it, not on my bookshelf, but on my work table. As for the Monsoon Papers, the brown one is calling my name. Whether or not I’m a winner, I’m happy to celebrate with you here … congratulations!

  42. A year! Happy book anniversary. I have your book – read and loved – and have also had the thrill of making monsoon papers with you in the workshop at Valley Ridge, so no gift drawing for me, but big congratulations are in order — on a one year old book done well, and still going strong, and on the start of your second book, Big hugs!

  43. Hi Quinn, I also have your book. I love it. I was in your class in Virginia in June with my niece. Liz and I enjoyed your class. It was the whole reason we were there. Thank you so much. And since I have the book, I would love to win the monsoon paper in blue. Thanks again.

  44. Your book was one that I wanted so badly and finally got it just before the holidays last year. I’m still working my way through it and finding more of myself bit by bit. That’s the joy of a book like this – take your time working your way through it means learning more about what drives you, inspires you, or sets you back a step or three. I would want to have the autographed copy of the book and would pass the one I have onto someone who needs a little (or a lot) of inspiration in their lives. Cannot wait for the new book! Cheers!

  45. Oh I would love to have a copy of your book Raw Art. I am spending much of my time playing with paper and paint and pens, but find it hard to find books here in Australia on Art Journalling. I read many blogs, watch the videos but need a book to refer to when I sit at the table to journal. Congratulations on your anniversary!

  46. Your Monsoon paper is beautiful, Quinn, but I do not yet own Raw Art Journaling, so that comes first! Glad the book is doing well, good luck with the next one!

  47. Hi Quinn,

    Your Raw Art Journalling is one of my favourite books which I dip into regularly. I have done many of the exercises and just love it. Thank you so much. Like Pam above, I really look forward to hearing from you in my inbox each day with words of wisdom, encouragement and inspiration. Can’t wait for your next book too! I’d love to win some monsoon paper in blue tones if possible. I really hope you are able to come to the UK one day and if so, I’ll be first in the queue to meet you!

  48. I ordered your book last week! So some paper to play with would be loverly! Haven’t got it yet ! Looking forward to it arriving! Your posts always perk me up when I see one there. Thankyou for your insightful take on lots of everyday things…make me feel I am not alone in a crazy world .x

  49. I too am a proud owner of Raw Art but monsoon paper is something that is missing from my bookshelf of experiences (can decide, you choose). Your book would work well in schools too, I think, regardless of the age of the students. Do you know if anyone has used it in classroom?

  50. I am a proud owner of Raw Art but would be pleased to experience your monsoon paper (blue tones, please). My daughter lives in Phoenix, I’ve been to Tempe a time or too and one day hope to meet and greet you in the flesh, though I greatly appreciate your presence in my inbox each morning. Thanks for being…..

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