In-Person Classes: Fall, 2013 and Beyond

It’s going to be a busy fall–thanks for nudging me to teach locally, and thanks for inviting me to teach where you are!  Any of the classes below that aren’t close enough to you can be taught at your location (or home if you gather five or so people)–contact me for details. (Contact information is directly over the photo at the top right of this page.)

Four in-person classes in Phoenix, at the Shemer Art Center.
For prices and to register call (602) 262-4727
Location: 5005 East Camelback Road  Phoenix, AZ 85018

1. Monsoon Papers
Date: October 19 (Friday)
Time: 9 a.m to 3 p.m
Monsoon papers are papers surface decorated with ink and a deliberate surrender of control. I made the first ones during the hard rains of Phoenix’s Monsoon Season, and later adapted the technique for studio use.  The papers are suitable for use in journals, book covers, cards and other paper arts. In class, you will receive 2 pieces of Arches Velin (apprx. 25” x 12”) to work with. Both sides of the papers are worked with ink. Choose to add iridescent glaze or gold spatter.  You will be shown how to use resists and make an accordion folder for cards or journal pages. No previous experience needed. Materials fee: $10

2. Wild Cards and Unleashed Postcards
Date: November 10, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m
Maybe you’ve made cards with kits, with rubber stamps and glitter. Now unleash your inner wild child, throw out the kits and make cards and postcards with collage, decorative tapes and papers, paint and innovative techniques. You’ll start by learning some graphic design guidelines and then move on to experimenting with colors and textures, integrate mistakes into design and create cards with color and flair. Design cards for the holidays or for everyday use. Materials fee: $10
3. Layers, Colors, and Textures with Stencils and Design
December 8, 2012 (Saturday)
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Hand-decorated papers are not only practical, but also fun to make and a gift in themselves. You’ll make papers to use for wrapping special presents, journaling, book and paper arts use. You will use simple design techniques using stencils and building layers of color on different types of surfaces, from newsprint to fabric. You’ll use fun stencils (both temporary and plastic) to create patterns in the layers. The patterns will be abstract and non-repeat, so you can use every inch of papers without worrying about matching a pattern. There will be fabric surface decoration, too–the green way to wrap! Materials fee: $10

Rice paper collection from Lark Press.

4. Deeply Colored Paste Paper Surface Design
Date: December 15, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Paste paper is an ancient and traditional surface design treatment for paper. You’ll mix basic paste base and add colors of your choice. Then, using special tools (or your fingers), you’ll create swirls, sweeps, pulls or dots on the surface of the paste/paint. Once dry, the patterns become permanent. Use the papers for photo mats, art projects, bookmarks, portfolios, cards and other paper arts applications. Material fee: $10

All of the above classes are at the Shemer Art Center. For prices and to register call (602) 262-4727  Location: 5005 East Camelback Road  Phoenix, AZ 85018

* * * * *

Two classes In Tucson, through Paper Works, the Sonoran Collective of Paper and Book Artists. While these classes are for Paper Works members, a year’s membership will cost you just $35.

1. One Sentence Journaling: Does having a journal sound more appealing than writing in one every day? You aren’t alone, and this workshop was designed to help you keep a journal by writing one sentence a day. A daily writing practice creates a GPS system for your inner journey—it helps you figure out where you are and how to get where you want to be. Using exercises including “magic words” and “17 syllables” you will see the power of writing just one sentence.  Explore the possibilities of one meaningful sentence when you write with awareness, intensity and all your senses
Thursday, December 6, 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.
University of Arizona Modular Classroom, 4101 N. Campbell  Ave. Tucson 85719
Cost: $60

2. Monsoon Papers. (While these classes are for Paper Works members, a year’s membership will cost you just $35.)

Date: Saturday, January 26 10am – 4pm
Location: U Of A Modular Classroom
4101 N. Campbell Avenue  Tucson, AZ  85719
Cost: $100 plus Material Fee $5
Originally created in our monsoon storms, this wild surface decoration technique is fail-proof. Pieces of paper transformed with inks and gilding into dark, rich colors or bright, intense ones. It’s messy and unpredictable, so leave your controlling urges at the door—and be surprised at how the paper develops! Use your papers for folders, book projects, constructions, collage.

* * *

July 22-26 2013 at Madeline Island, Wisconsin

Magic and Metaphor: Mixed Media Conversations With Your Inner Critric.
An amazing art retreat in Lake Superior that covers deep writing and intuitive art. What will you do for five days? Join a class of creative explorers and confront your inner critic through deep writing and intuitive art.

Full Description: Your inner critic squawks about lack and attack while you chase it out of your studio. It always returns, and you lose deep creative time patrolling the edges of your consciousness to keep the inner critic at bay.

Through deep journaling and intuitive art, this class will help you develop inner advocates with strengths and powers to challenge the inner critic to a real conversation. Maybe the inner critic has a point that’s useful. Maybe not. Now you’ll know.

You will develop a series of cards with art on one side and writing on the other. The cards can be used for brainstorming, creative discussions, idea selection and swaps. You’ll use guided visualization, deep journaling, appreciative inquiry, and spontaneous association for writing and bricollage, ink-as-paint, resist techniques, and found poetry as artwork.

You will also make Monsoon Papers, Quinn McDonald’s technique for surface decoration on sheets of paper to use as folders and envelopes for your cards.

No art experience is necessary. Journaling experience is helpful, but not required.

Cost: $425 for five days. Update: I made a mistake on the original post about meals and accommodations. Here is the correct information: Shared lodging is $80/night, private is $120/night.  Meals (that’s breakfast and lunch) are $125 for the week.  Dinner is on your own—a  wonderful opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Madeline.

Register online  or Contact: Jenna J. Erickson, Director of Programs
Madeline Island School of the Arts
978 Middle Road,  La Pointe, WI 54850

Classroom and comfortable accommodations on Madeline Island. Registration can be held for $85.

5 thoughts on “In-Person Classes: Fall, 2013 and Beyond

  1. Quinn:
    Madeline Island sounds amazing and I would love to have this wonderful 5 day experience with you guiding us on this inner journey. I am going to keep that week open- how many people will you allow in the group?

    • The classes can get big because they keep the price low–so the minimum will be 10, but I think the maximum is 15. However, the class is not all day, every day. People want to enjoy the island experience, so we’ll have class every morning and some afternoons. I’m encouraging participants to use the open time to work more deeply on their own. I will schedule individual coaching sessions for those who want to experience coaching in those free times. And extroverts will be able to work in groups!

    • I made a mistake on the lodging costs. Cost of the class is $425 for five days. Here is the correct information on lodging and meals: Shared lodging is $80/night, private is $120/night. Meals (that’s breakfast and lunch) are $125 for the week. Dinner is on your own—a wonderful opportunity to experience the sights and sounds of Madeline. I’m sorry I misinterpreted the registration form, and want to thank Jenna for helping me get correct information so quickly!

  2. I had no idea you held so many classes! Interesting that there’s a sort of “community model” consisting of online discussions, classes, and conventions that’s almost identical across different fields: art, writing, programming, data networking, filmmaking. I bet it also holds for fields I have no contact with, like accounting and tug boat driving (piloting?…well whatever that’s called).

    It would be fascinating to find fields in which this model does not hold.

    I don’t know if the field of “creating practice communities” exists, but if it does it must have discussions about discussions, classes about classes, conventions about conventions. This would lead to some cool linguistic constructions — even today meeting planners have meeting planning planning meetings.

    If we didn’t exist, language would probably have to invent us in order to keep itself amused.

    • Well, there is an association for association executives, and an association for trainers that has training sessions, so I guess we are already half way there. I lived in Alexandria, VA, which is the HQ for hundreds of associations.

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