Asking for Help

“We don’t take charity.”
“Accepting help is a weakness.”
“No thanks, I can do it on my own.”

It’s so hard to ask for help. It’s almost impossible to accept money, food, solutions, or unexpected gifts from people we know. Worse still from people we barely know. We don’t want to be weak. We don’t want to take things we feel we should be able to provide on our own. It makes us feel helpless and low.

Sometimes, we need to take another perspective on asking for help. When we ask for help, we are giving another person the chance to be generous. To give from the heart. To help another person. Even if that’s us.

It is an act of generosity to others to need help and ask for it.

It is an act of humility to give help without making the other person feel diminished.

It is a tremendous act of courage to accept help graciously and let another person feel useful and helpful. Because you have been on the other side and know that “give” and “take” are both different sides of the same situation.

-Quinn McDonald hates taking, but knows without a taker, givers would not complete the circle of grace.