I’ll Be Back on August 18, 2012

For the next five days I am running business training programs every day, all day. While working every day is something business people do regularly, this is an interesting challenge for me because it is four different locations, for four different companies (and starting/ending times) with four different prep and administrative requirements, and a maze of pick-ups and deliveries of materials.

It’s peach season. Enjoy the taste of fresh peaches this week!

Of course I’m very happy that I’m busy. Every trainer wants to be called and scheduled. But something had to give, and that was the two hours a day it takes to plan, write, and edit a blog post.

So I’ll be back on August 18, 2012 (this Saturday) with a new post. I will have two more book giveaways coming up (both brand-new felting books) and other goodies.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out my new fall classes, or past posts on

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and I’ll see you back here on this coming Saturday!