Adding a Pocket to an Art Journal

Building a journal is fun, but no journal is complete for me without a pocket in the back to hold ephemera I want to use, but haven’t developed a page for yet.

I’ve fallen in love with library pockets–original ones preferred–to add storage capacity to my journals. They can be glued in where needed. I also like to join them in a variety of ways, and use them as accordion books on their own.

Here’s a good short video I found on adding a gusseted pocket to the back of a handmade or purchased journal. I have just one warning–never glue on your cutting mat. The tiniest smear of glue on the mat will create a bump that will wreck your next project. Glue on a magazine, flipping the page with each new glue step.
Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video courtesy:  “ Maker’s Notebook“, posted with vodpod
—Quinn McDonal is an art journaler and creativity coach who is working on a book on confronting the inner critic.

10 thoughts on “Adding a Pocket to an Art Journal

  1. I’m a phone book fan too. But a pocket? My ephemera will never fit! When I was travelling I’d save just about everything much to my friends amusement, and one day, I’ll find the perfect project for all of my boarding passes. And that’s why they’re in the box, that word perfect keeps them there!!!

    It’s no wonder I’m making a Late Start! It looks like I have a mission this weekend . . . to use one of those precious momentoes

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