Saturday Stroll

When I was a mother of a young child, Saturdays were always so hectic–errands like the grocery store, hardware store, and probably kids’ clothing department in a store,  and certainly the cleaners (we wore suits to work every day in those years, and the dry cleaning smell was part of my life).

Busy mom, for the site by the same name. See the link to tips for busy moms at the end of the blog post.

Now Saturdays are different. When you own your own business, you stay away from stores on Saturday, choosing mid-afternoon on weekdays, when stores are empty and errands take half the time. This week was busy with a lot of driving and teaching, and that means a Saturday of cleaning house (you never outgrow that), making hummingbird food, and refilling feeders (after cleaning them, too) and then. . . studio time.

If you need a creative boost, here are some articles you may have missed, and places you can explore:

Bubble backgrounds are fun, easy and you can do them with your kids or grandkids. For teachers, try making the bubble pages, then having the kids write wishes in the bubble spaces. For younger kids (or you–I love doing this), create the background, let it dry, then color it in.

I love making paper mosaics of all kinds. This one is literal but still a lot of fun. You can put it right into our journal, there are tips to keep the page from curling. I like to help you avoid all my mistakes.

Make yourself a virtual kaleidoscope. No peeking through a tiny tube, and lots of fun to change the visuals. To save you time, you drag the pieces you want into the moving virtual kaleidoscope, on the left. Your visual shows up on the one on the right.

Tired of hugely realistic video games? Here’s one of the early ones that requires using the arrow keys on your computer. No joystick, no fingers. Still fun. Zefrank’s  old-fashioned puzzle game is fun to play–move the rocket through the gears.

And finally, want to sound profound at your next meeting? An entire site of useful things to say–in Latin.

The photo above is from a site that has tips for busy moms. So you’ll have time to come back here and play!

Have a creative, inventive weekend.

–Quinn McDonald is writing her second book. She’s amazed at the information she didn’t put in the original outline.