Saturday Skip into Creativity

Reminder: October 21 is the deadline for signing up to be a contributor to the Inner Hero book. I know, I know, the directions were complicated, but I didn’t think it was fair to pretend anyone could send in anything, and making it clear means details.

Winner!:  The winner of the copy of Margaret Peot’s Alternative Art Journals is Lisa Brown–Congratulations, Lisa!

It’s Saturday, so it’s time to have creative play—

35mm slide mount journal

Remember 35mm slide mounts? I love them, and I love making mini-journals (one word per slide mount) that I can use as birthday cards, too. I’d love to teach this class (I have a lot of mounts) but I’m afraid no one would know what they are.

I love sewing in my journal, and then I love tearing off the edges for cool effects.

I make journals with odd techniques and weird covers, called Mutant Journals. Here is one with a link to two more.

Love your doodles? Here’s a place that will make doodles into jewelry for you.


8 thoughts on “Saturday Skip into Creativity

  1. I really like sewing on paper, I´ll use that again soon as I´ll be participating in Leah´s Art every day month in November.
    I stopped using tearing for a while after someone said “It´s not finished yet, is it?” at a scrapbook layout with it.

    • There are many schools of journaling. The scrapbooking group is more precise, perfectionistic, follow directions, and prefers a tidy look. I value that. It’s not my skill, though, and not my interest. I’d chew on edges of paper to make them look rugged and rustic. It’s just my preference. So come sit at my table, and let’s talk.

      • In that case, try to avoid my blog in November as I ´ll be {mostly} going for the more precise, perfectionistic, follow directions, and tidy look. 😉 But we can still sit and talk! 😀
        I still haven´t been able to go over the “ugly mess” stage to the pretty layers one in the other type of journaling. I´m constantly fighting with myself (Inner) as what I do looks “stupid” (she says). Things seems to float around and I can´t manage to ground them. Some people put things on a page and they look as if they belong together. I cant. Not yet anyway.

        • It takes practice. I’m going to put duct tape over my mouth in November while you struggle with perfectionism and precision. My head may pop off and roll on the floor, but you are in for lots of fun discoveries!

          • Thank you! You are an awesome teacher, willing to keep your thoughts to yourself while I have a go at things on my own. That being said, I think that the conversation with somebody with a different perspective is enriching. If you can stand my cutting mats at pre-ci-se-ly 5mm. all around my pictures, we might be in for lots of fun discoveries. 😉

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