Saturday Drift

Saturday is a good day to drift into creativity. I’ve left you some links to explore while I’m off on my own creative dig.

Mess up a journal page? It’s OK. Here are four ways to fix it or live with it.

Speaking in public is hard for most people. Whether you have to talk to your co-workers or to a room full of people, here are some tips to make the conversation work.

It’s Saturday. Change up that cereal-for-breakfast to a ham cup containing an egg and . . .

Every artist needs room to think and room to grow. Create a space for yourself.

–Quinn McDonald is running around the countryside this Saturday.


7 thoughts on “Saturday Drift

  1. I used #4 of the fixing solutions this week. That page had been bugging me for months, changing it will (hopefully) free the flow onto that journal.
    About the space: I realized in my forties that I had never had such a space while growing up. My room was my dad´s office so I shared it with literally dozens of patients. Lately I´d had this neat little fantasy that when I had a loooooong stretch of time, a new tea and a delightful new candle I´d be creating singing like a Disney princess. The only thing that worked tonight was the candle and I haven´t really lit it yet. *puzzled*

  2. I loved reading the post about creating a space for oneself. It’s a great reminder that I don;t need a lot to make a space special. A comfy chair, a ledge to sit a cup of coffee, a good light for reading — and off limits to computers and phone. Good enough for me!

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