Writing a Book, Writing a Blog

My inner critic is in full throttle as I write the book on, well, the inner critic. There’s a lot of work to be done, and it needs focus and concentration. The same is true of my blog posts–it takes hours to come up with the idea, refine the concept and write the post. The blog posts have taken over much of the time I need for the book. There is also my other work–the business training classes and creativity coaching that feeds me both literally and figuratively.

Coffered and painted ceiling at Onyx Expressions, Albuquerque NM

I enjoy writing the blog and I am not giving it up. I will be cutting down to new posts on three days a week–randomly. Good ideas don’t always work on schedule. On three other days a week, I’ll be posting interesting quotes I’ve found–funny, profound, inspiring–and a short comment. They can be used for art journaling, commenting, or just nodding and smiling.  On the one other day–Saturday–I will continue to post links to past posts that you may have missed as well as outside links to interesting posts on other blogs.

If you have an interesting blog post you’d like me to consider–send me the link

Coffered and painted ceiling at Onyx Expressions, Albuquerque NM

and a few words why you like it. And of course you can include one of your own as an interesting note. The way to contact me is above the photo at the top of the page, under “Work With Quinn/Contact”

I hope to continue to give you interesting reasons to stop by, whether it’s quotes or an article. And of course, I’ll keep you posted on what’s happening in the book.

As always, classes will be posted in the navigation bar above the photo on the page.

–Quinn McDonald is writing a book on the inner critic and the inner heroes.