Saturday Stories

A collection of vintage posts of interesting stories to spark your creativity.
I love amulets. I wear several necklaces (one at a time) to help me remember a purpose, an intention, to ask for help and guidance (and make me aware of it when it shows up). My first amulet was from a dream, and carved by a remarkable woman whose name was Maggie.

And the interesting story about Maggie, the carving and a dream will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  Or at least, it did mine.

I didn’t know the word Descansos till I moved West, where roadside memorial shrines dot the highways. The twisted ones and the straight ones contain white crosses, sometimes memorials. We are not afraid of the dead out here, we just wish we had more time with them.

We see creativity where we look. I learn creativity lessons from my motorcycle, Susie Lightning. Here are several creativity lessons in one story.

Have a weekend of story-making!

Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach and story writer.