Saturday Stories

A collection of vintage posts of interesting stories to spark your creativity.
I love amulets. I wear several necklaces (one at a time) to help me remember a purpose, an intention, to ask for help and guidance (and make me aware of it when it shows up). My first amulet was from a dream, and carved by a remarkable woman whose name was Maggie.

And the interesting story about Maggie, the carving and a dream will make the hair stand up on the back of your neck.  Or at least, it did mine.

I didn’t know the word Descansos till I moved West, where roadside memorial shrines dot the highways. The twisted ones and the straight ones contain white crosses, sometimes memorials. We are not afraid of the dead out here, we just wish we had more time with them.

We see creativity where we look. I learn creativity lessons from my motorcycle, Susie Lightning. Here are several creativity lessons in one story.

Have a weekend of story-making!

Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach and story writer.


2 thoughts on “Saturday Stories

  1. Hello Quinn, This blog post gave me the chills, but not because I was afraid. There are so many things in this blog that align my household with you. Like you, we are open to spirits and have a few in our old Victorian farmhouse. They are friendly spirits and we live happily together, each with our own idiosyncrasies.

    Your blog about the amulet had so many synchronicities in it that relate to our home…

    First the weekend of story making which we certainly have happening here. My daughter and 12 year old grand daughter are both writing madly as I write this comment to complete their commitment to complete a story of about 50,000 words during the month of November.

    Then, the Raven comment…

    Recently my brother and I decided to begin a business. After much thoughtful consideration we decided to name our business “Raven’s Eye Farms”. We grow lavender and our products will be made from the more than 2000 organic lavender plants we grow on our separate properties. I was looking at raven artwork when I took a break to read my email with your recent post in it. I have no doubt we made the right choice after reading your Raven Woman story.

    Also, as we have Native American heritage through my husband we spend our fair share of time appreciating the outdoors and sky-watching. Orion happens to be my daughter’s favorite constellation. She references Orion as “Thor’s Hammer,” rather than the traditional western naming convention.

    Finally, your dream itself. I have also had dreams like yours that connect me with someone else. Probably because we frequent yard sales, second hand and antique stores. I believe seemingly inanimate objects hold essences of previous owners and can be shared with new owners. Though not always of a pleasant nature there is always a message for me in it’s unveiling.

    The fact that you have written about these things today and that they so closely link with the events in our household in itself are not so unusual to me. It’s not a “spooky” thing for us, nor is it something we intentionally promote but we are open to it.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • i find these happenings fascinating, and enjoy them for what they are, like you do. I’ve gotten used to it; I also dream other people’s lives when I stay in hotel rooms. I’m so glad you found the story-telling interesting and I’m even more thrilled that your 12-year old granddaughter is writing for November. That’s excellent!

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