Getting in Touch with Your Hidden Self

That dream you have, of getting away and writing, of making art, of restoring your soul to a slightly less dinged-up version, what does it look like? To me, the perfect retreat would be on an island, where I could spend part of each day experiencing something new, part of the day walking and listening–to nature, to my heart– and the rest of the day writing, connecting pieces of myself that have drifted back to the heartwood. The center.

I’m unbelievably lucky to be doing that–and not doing it alone–this coming July.

For one week, July 22 to July 27 2013, I’ll be teaching at the Madeline Island School of the Arts. Madeline Island is a restored dairy farm surrounded by the 21 Apostle Islands off the coast of Wisconsin, in Lake Superior.

I’ll be teaching the heart of the new book on inner heroes and inner critics–how to have conversations with your inner critic through deep writing and intuitive art.  Metaphor and Magic will loosen up the tight kinks in your writing muscles and let you ease into the warm relief of your own intuitive art. You don’t have to know how to draw, you just have to be a willing explorer of your own  creativity.

We’ll spend mornings experimenting with paper, color and inks, connecting colors and emotions, intuition to paper. You can spend time in the afternoon enjoying the island and then writing. I’m going to make individual creativity coaching sessions available as part of the class so you can experience the shift from doing to being.

We will spend other days writing–learning about the metaphors you use in your life and how they become meaningful to you. You’ll finally have time and place to write, and to distill the writing to messages that will echo through your life to guide and comfort you.

You’ll be introduced to a new kind of art journaling, combining writing and intuitive art, into separate “pages” that can be used individually to spark your creativity, comfort your racing mind, ease doubts and build a fire of creativity to work on. You will see how to use the pages for brainstorming, for making creative decisions, for planning a project, for getting back in touch with the side of you that so often stays hidden.

Imagine–making a journal that won’t wind up empty on the shelf, but one that you will reach to for creative nurture.

Madeline Island School of the Arts is an amazing cradle of creativity. They have recently added a shuttle to and from the Duluth airport, so you don’t need to rent a car. The school’s studios, rooms, and meals are all within easy walking distance.

Come join me for a week of Metaphor and Magic, July 22 to 26. The class is $425 for a full five days. Meals and lodging are separate. Registration requires just a 20 percent deposit.

I hope to see you there, discovering yourself and your classmates in this exciting creative adventure!

—Quinn McDonald is excited to participate in your discoveries. Come create that circle of creativity you have wanted for so long.