Saturday Ramble

I wish they’d added a photograph of the product.

When I travel, I love looking at the local phone book to see odd ads. I also look at the business listings, reading the top of the pages, where the alphabetical listing is. They use words to show the range, so you get odd combinations like: Donut-Draperies. Or Hot-House. Importer-Insurance.

This is the ad I found in the phone book of my last trip. I am still laughing at the last line.

OK, on to Saturday rambles. Time to have creative play–maybe with your kids or grandkids. Here is a fashion collage site where you can combine tops, bottoms, and accessories. Beats having to try clothes on your own self while standing under fluorescent lights.

Need photos or textures to download to make your own collage? ImageAfter will help you with a selection of choices. Check the rules to make sure you know the difference between royalty-free and copyright free.

Have to write your own bio for a show or presentation? It’s hard to write your own bio without sounding like you are bragging or being so modest that people don’t know what you’ve done. Copylicious helps you out with some questions and tips.

Woolgathering is the blog of a woman who does a drawing a day. She’s done it for years. She draws ordinary things and it’s beautiful.

Quinn McDonald is never bored. Even in a hotel room with only a phone book.


4 thoughts on “Saturday Ramble

  1. How cool. I did not know that about John Irving.

    My dad was the one who showed me the phone book trick. He followed commercial construction and we moved a lot when I was small. In each new town or city Dad would get the yellow pages out and know a lot about the demeanor of the place before we had boxes unpacked.

    • What a smart man! I always took the phone book from the town we were leaving when we moved, so I could contact all the places I needed to. Before Google, obviously, but I still love phone books.

  2. Oh Quinn, You’ve given me another reason to feel connected. I too read yellow pages in hotel rooms. I’ve often found fun things to ponder. But your example add is the best I’ve ever seen. Too funny.
    And, I’m passing on the fashion site to my 7 year old granddaughter who only yesterday declared, “I’m into fashion!”

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