The Dispenser of Necessary Items

One of the places where form does not follow function is in most public bathrooms. Handicap stalls are at the far end, forcing handicapped people to dodge traffic and swinging doors to get to the one stall that they can use–only to find it being used by someone who doesn’t need it. Towel dispensers are not near the sinks, so floors are almost always wet and slippery. Many stalls don’t have a place to hang your purse, making you hold it in your teeth or hang it around your neck or (ew) put your purse on the floor.

Sunscreen dispenser at Tohono Chul

Sunscreen dispenser at Tohono Chul

So when I stopped at Tohono Chul today (Tucson’s Botanical Garden) I was delighted to see this in the ladies’ room: a sunscreen dispenser. Our sun is hot and can burn, even in winter. I wear sunscreen on my face and hands every day of the year. But this small, free kindness was wonderful to find.

Even better, it was clear. Most zinc oxide is white and never fully absorbs. If you put it on your face, you feel like a plastic bag has been pulled over your head.

This was clear and worked well. I had a business conference call to make, and while I was talking, I wasn’t aging my skin (more).

After I left the bathroom, I began to wonder what other kind of dispensers I’d like to find–no, not the items you can find in a vending machine, but unexpected kindnesses–a dispenser of compliments, for example. (“Take a compliment, give a compliment.”)

There is something magic about Tohono Chul–while I was on my conference call, I was surrounded by a dozen different kinds of butterflies and a least 10 hummingbirds. In November. Life is good.