L’Heure Bleue in New Mexico

We’ve fallen into a sort of “them v. us” view of nature. People in my neighborhood in the Sonoran desert curse trees because they are “messy.” I might add that these are the same trees that shade their houses from the scorching sun. As one neighbor told me, “I like the lushful look, but I hate when they drop their leaves or need work.” We’ve come to believe that nature is something “other,” something that needs controlling, a remote, and mostly, to be hidden away from indoors.

twilightlascrucesIt’s a shame, really. There are so much calling you outside. Yesterday, when I drove into Las Cruces I arrived just after sunset, at the time the French call “L’Heure Bleue” –the blue hour. It is a time of day when the shadows are lavender and navy, and a band of light hangs in the sky. The mountains were visible as sihouettes, and the lights of the city twinkled and danced. During L’heure bleue artificial lights are sharper and brighter and the air is suffused with great calm, peace, and a tinge of sadness. A view like that is seen with the heart more than the eyes.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and art journaler who is creating a class to be taught in Las Cruces, NM.

Image: Unfortunately, not mine. From: http://www.picachomountain.com/find-your-new-home/#