Coming This Week

I’m working on a post on vulnerability, but it’s not finished. And I’m too tired to finish it, so it will have to wait. Something is missing, and that needs to show up yet.

tapeThis week, along with the post on vulnerability (the good side of it), I am going to review Srathmore’s new hard-cover mixed media journal (not the one with a spiral). Hint: I ordered more than one.

Through the generosity of Linda Penny, one of the Tucson PaperWorks members, I have some new adhesive–a piece of Scotch brand positionable adhesive. (Photo on left)  Will it work on paper? Photographs? Fabric? A review  will be coming up this week, too.

Other fun items this week–I’ve heard from Featuring magazine that the new issue will be out this week–the one with my article. And a photo from the article is on the cover! (OK–along with a lot of other photos.). I’m really excited. I’ll order some and when they arrive, there will be a giveaway of those, too.

Should I order several and then sell them from my blog? It would save you overseas postage. The magazine isn’t cheap (about $10) but it’s a great read. Let me know what you think.

While I’m testing and writing, I have a question for you–what is your earliest memory of the Inner Critic showing up? Do you remember it from childhood? Middle school? High school? I’m curious. Leave a comment. No prizes (they happen later this week), just wondering.

Quinn McDonald is glad last week is over. Today was the first day in 12 consecutive days she wasn’t working on something.