For Newtown, Connecticut


As a blind man, lifting a curtain, knows it is morning,
I know this change:
On one side of silence there is no smile;
But when I breathe with the birds,
The spirit of wrath becomes the spirit of blessing,
And the dead begin from their dark to sing in my sleep.

—Theodore Roethke, from Journey to the Interior.

You can send cards to:

Sandy Hook Elementary School
12 Dickenson Dr.
Sandy Hook CT 06482

23 thoughts on “For Newtown, Connecticut

  1. Shed tears watching the news here is Spain.
    All those families will be affected for life. I cannot see how the hole in their hearts will ever be mended. Tragic beyond belief. Praying for them all. If you need any help with petition signings or awareness issues in Europe I would be honored to help you in anyway possible.x

    • Yes, I think about those holes in the heart all the time. How can they go on at all? I’m working on a course that I will undoubtedly contact you on. It’s not about this matter, but a previous one–the quilt my mom made.

  2. I’ve started to take action, in that I’m writing to every one of my Senators and Congressmen, whether State or National. I know that some of my pleas will be dismissed. But others will not. I believe we ALL need to do this. Yes, there’s a powerful gun lobby working to prevent gun control legislation, but the American people are not without power. If enough of us speak up, and keep speaking up; if we make our wishes known, and keep hammering it into certain thick heads in Washington, and in our States’ capitols, we CAN effect change.

  3. Beautiful post, Quinn….thanks for sharing. It was a very tragic day which has reached hearts across the globe….all praying for the victims and their families. xx

  4. It is the end of a school year here in New Zealand and all around me I see children let out for the summer and, with Christmas just days away, their faces are beautiful to behold . . . such a contrast. Yes it makes you shake your head i wonderment at the loss, to weep.

    The only thing that might help is to cuddle a grandchild and think how blessed I am.

  5. Caroline, I can well understand how this happened. I live in Wyoming. Need I say more? the gun culture is alive and well here, and leads to tragedies. “guns don’t kill people; people do” is for those that are blind to the facts (Iike climate change) . until the mindset changes, we will continue to have these terrible incidents…

    • Phil, I see your Wyoming and I’ll raise you Arizona, where gun laws are so lax, that you can open carry, conceal carry, and carry a gun into a bar unless the bar has certain signs in certain places. How many more of these sad stories do we need to take before we grow a pair and do something about it?

    • I think (and it’s just my opinion) that a few days of quiet, solitude and thinking over what direction we want to move in is much needed now. Along with prayers for strength for those poor parents.

  6. Thank you, Quinn. Time for quiet, time to just write, sketch, and pray for some conversation that could alter this repeated pattern of events. So much sweetness lost yesterday.

  7. Thank you. A few words of solace and calm are so needed. I don’t read newspapers or watch TV, but FB and Twitter told me more than I wanted to know. I know the public has the right to know, but it is just so much, too much. I can’t get my mind around the why and the why can’t it stop…

    • It is too much. We have a right to know, of course, but the endless repetition, when all I could think of was the parents who sent their kids to school one day and now, right before Christmas, have empty beds and empty arms.

  8. I cannot even begin to understand how this happened; but just send my hopes, prayers and love to all those wounded souls and wish with all my heart that I could somehow give peace, comfort and understanding to everyone who is touched by this horrific event.
    I grew up in a country without fire-arms, still abhor them, and dream of a world without them. One day that dream will become reality; it cannot come a day too soon!

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