Lazy Sunday Links

It’s the week when work is slow, and there seems to be time to spare. At the moment, I have a time shortage, and all my plans to organize papers for taxes have fallen behind the book and some commitments. It’s been a long time since I got up at 5:30 on a Saturday morning to move furniture while a humming rug steamer is standing next to me.

But there is always time to find odd things on the web. Did you know there is an association of people who hand-draw maps? Yep, and some of the maps are pretty interesting, too. This map has one dot for every person in the U.S, in the location where they are living (including Central Park.) And here’s a wind map–it shows the direction and speed of the wind across the U.S.

See the world one sketch at a time at UrbanSketchers, a site that has gotten bigger and better since I last visited. Great sketches of cities, towns and streets by artists and sketchers.

Sam3 is an urban artist who paints with water, including the action of letting it dry. He videos the whole thing to create amazing animations on water.

And Crooked Brains shows you some amazing uses for clothespins that have nothing to do with drying clothes.

And then, two random questions:

—Why is it that people with 47 pairs of shoes don’t understand my shelves of books? and

—Why do people spend the entire time riding the escalator texting, then step off the elevator, freeze and begin to stare around as if they just landed on earth and are searching for the welcome committee? Meanwhile people are falling over themselves trying to step around the frozen-in–wonderment people.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Quinn McDonald is a writer who is, well, writing.