Starting 2013 With Textures and Shadows

No matter what your word for the year is, it will have shadows and light spots, textures that feel smooth and right, and times it will feel rough and uncomfortable. To celebrate the amazing work of choosing a word for the year, here are some interesting textures and shadows.

This wonderfully detailed shot of round rocks has been white-washed. They are what the first homes were made from, sometimes with adobe and sometimes without.  Texture1

Here is the whole house, showing a non-whitewashed side.


Isn’t this wonderful texture? i love the regularity of it.


It belongs to this palm tree. Neither a coconut nor a date palm, this one has what looks like pleated seeds. Lovely to look at, tough to pull out of a pool filter.


And finally, two beautiful shadows that can become edging patterns in a journal.


They were originally from a fence decoration popular in the 80s.


Notice everything. Live it. It’s the only 2013 you will get.

–Quinn McDonald writes about the creative life from Phoenix, Arizona.