Starting 2013 With Textures and Shadows

No matter what your word for the year is, it will have shadows and light spots, textures that feel smooth and right, and times it will feel rough and uncomfortable. To celebrate the amazing work of choosing a word for the year, here are some interesting textures and shadows.

This wonderfully detailed shot of round rocks has been white-washed. They are what the first homes were made from, sometimes with adobe and sometimes without.  Texture1

Here is the whole house, showing a non-whitewashed side.


Isn’t this wonderful texture? i love the regularity of it.


It belongs to this palm tree. Neither a coconut nor a date palm, this one has what looks like pleated seeds. Lovely to look at, tough to pull out of a pool filter.


And finally, two beautiful shadows that can become edging patterns in a journal.


They were originally from a fence decoration popular in the 80s.


Notice everything. Live it. It’s the only 2013 you will get.

–Quinn McDonald writes about the creative life from Phoenix, Arizona.


8 thoughts on “Starting 2013 With Textures and Shadows

  1. Notice everything.
    Sometimes we play a game that game where you put something into a box and have to guess what it is. A potato is different when you have to “feel” it for identification. Some things are so familiar we lose sight of the textures and irregularities in them.
    Have you ever laid in bed and looked at the ceiling and found hidden forms there? Like the face of a bear or an old woman or a child? The irregularities of the paint or popcorn application or stucco create a whole world of possibilities. Finding forms in the clouds on a warm summer day is so satisfying and relaxing.
    Notice everything is a good lesson in finding new ways to do/use things too. Like your dental sticks!
    Who would have guessed!

  2. “Notice everything”. That makes me think of a challenge that I gave to my kindergarteners. I asked them to keep their eyes open in nature and architecture etc. and try to find/see alphabet letters in things around them. The next day one student brought in a baby carrot that grew in the shape of a J. He was super excited about it. Then shortly after that on a field trip to the pumpkin patch, in the room we had a snack in, the children bombarded me with: “Look, there’s an X (metal bars crossing), J (bended pipe), Y (The upper part of a metal plant hanger, V (two corn stalks laying in V-shape against the wall), and O (a fan) etc.”. it was so encouraging to me that they were aware of their environment and looking for the alphabet letters as I had challenged them to do! I hope they will keep that thought in their hearts and “notice everything” as they grow up.

  3. Live it. It’s the only 2013 you will get.” Very similar to what we told our son when he said he was going to watch the fireworks from his hotel window. Hours later he sent us a picture of him at the London Eye with his friends. 😀

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