Putting on the Big Girl Panties

One of the hardest things about writing the Inner Hero book is not being able to share the artwork I’m doing on my blog. I’m not allowed to show you the ideas yet, but I’m doing work I’d love to share.

The book will be in bookstores on January 24, 2014, less than a year from now, so that means it will be ready for pre-order for holiday gifts. Always a good thing.

finlandToday I’m getting up at 4 a.m. and flying to the land of snow and ice–Cleveland, Ohio. The photo shoot schedule has finally rolled around. I’m excited, and of course, scared. First of all, I don’t own any winter clothing, so I might freeze to death. Second of all, what if I forgot something and can’t do the artwork? OK, so this is mostly inner critic stuff. And no, I’m not over my own inner critic. Still wrestling with him.

The illustrations on the blog are two postcards I got from my on-going international postcard swapping site, Postcrossing. The One with the guy on the motorcycle says, “Drive Fast and Sing Loud, ” in Finnish. Just right for today!

armadilloThe other card shows the rear end of an armadillo, which they don’t have in Germany, where the card came from. But we have them here, and I feel a lot like that little guy, too, facing a big empty space.

So now I’m off to have fun, chat with my Inner Critic (he loves flying, sitting in the seat next to me, chatting about fear and danger), and report back from the photo studio!

Quinn McDonald isn’t forgetting that for years it was her dream to write one book. Now that’s she seeing the second one get real, she’s putting on her Big Girl Panties and living the dream! The fact that the panties are now two sizes smaller than 12 weeks ago is also a good thing.