Tutorial: Leaf Bookmark

This is a simple, cute bookmark you can make by yourself or with a child or grandchild. I use a lot of bookmarks, because I read more than one book at the same time. These little leaf bookmarks can be used in any size book or magazine, even a catalog–use multiple ones to mark the pages of items you want to compare before you shop.


  • A 4″ (10.25 cm) x 7″ (15.25 cm) piece of heavy paper. It should be about 90-lb weight. I used Arches Text Wove (of course!).
  • Green ink, or watercolor paint, or Dylusions spray or acrylic. I used ink and Dylusions Lime Green spray.
  • Pencil
  • Green watercolor paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue

leaf1Spray the paper on both sides. Let dry. Pick the best end for color. Fold the paper about 2.5 inches (6.5 cm) deep and crease.

leaf2Turn the paper so the crease is at the bottom of the piece of paper.

leaf3Cut off the top part. (Cut piece is turned and opened to show color on both sides. Color does not have to be even. Leaves don’t have even color.


Draw a leaf outline on the cut piece. The fold is at the bottom of the stem. You will not cut through this part. Cut out the leaf.

leaf5You now have two leaves connected by a stem.

leaf6Using a dark green watercolor pencil, draw a center vein on each leaf, front and back. Glue the stem part together. Do not glue the leaves.

Leaf7Your bookmark is complete! Drop it, stem down, into the book.

leaf8When you close the book, the leaves push shut. When you open the book, they open up again.

leaf9You can also put the bookmark at the top of the book. Putting it in the book keeps it from being pulled out by little fingers or paws.

When you find your place in the book and the leaf opens up again, it always looks like you’ve found a new idea in the pages.

Quinn McDonald is back in the studio, playing.