Featuring Magazine #3 (Giveaway)

Magazine-Cover-issue-3Note: The winner of the Featuring magazine #3 is Sandy Ward. Congratulations, Sandy! The three people who want to buy the magazine have also been notified. Thanks to everyone for participating and loving Featuring magazine!
*    *    *    *   *Featuring magazine #3 has been out for a while, but the copies I ordered just arrived recently. Time to share!

I love this magazine for the depth of the articles. And yes, I wrote one of them in this issue. It’s on found poetry, and the pleasure of writing an article that covers four pages in a magazine is the writer’s equivalent of eating a chocolate ganache cake with no dietary consequences–a dream that’s hard to believe.

Linda Germain has an article on monotypes–the artwork that is the latest rage with gelatin plate prints or gelliprints for a non-refrigerated shortcut. Linda does it the old-fashioned way and the article on monotypes–and the illustrations–are fascinating.


Nelson’s portrait of a singer is done in torn paper pieces.

What I love about Featuring is that the articles are about art–a huge variety each time. Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson  paints with paper. She creates richly-colored paper collages that are illustrations. Instead of paint, she uses torn paper. The effect is startling and haunting. The idea of hunting for colors and knowing the shapes with your fingers of the colors you are using over a big area is astonishing. (And yes, she has a workshop in Sedona in April.)

The magazine is international in scope–with articles from contributing editors in Europe and the U.S. You won’t want to miss the article on the collaboration between a Dutch rock band and a Chilean artist, Carlos Vergara Rivera,  who created the album cover in woodcut enhanced with watercolor and digital work. (I’m trying not to use the phrase “cutting edge’ here.)

For those who have seen iHanna (Hanna Anderrson) post here, she is the magazine’s featured Blogger in this issue. The interview is a useful background to following her blog.

There are more articles and interesting photos out of the authors’ windows. It’s a great issue, so I have to give away a copy.

Giveaway Leave a comment if you’d like to win the copy. This time, I’m shipping only to the U.S. and Canada.  I also have three copies for sale. Each copy is $20 (shipped in the U.S.–if you live in Europe, it’s cheaper to buy direct.)
The winner will be announced on Wednesday’s blog. If you want to purchase a copy, just add that to your comment, and I’ll pick the winner first, then pick the first three people who want to purchase the magazine.

Quinn McDonald has a deep love of found poetry. And written poetry. She’s playing with the idea of teaching an on-line poetry writing course.


47 thoughts on “Featuring Magazine #3 (Giveaway)

  1. would LOVE to win. i reeeally reeeally want to learn about gelli plates/prints, before i make an investment in them. l am grateful, when there’s a good variety in a magazine..Blessings upon your sharing.!!! from plumz soapz on FB

  2. Hello Quinn, I follow you on Rebecca E. Parson’s Podcast, as well as your blog, and I love the encouragement you both give, to be creative! I’ve had my own art business for 29 years now, and I’m seeing a lot of “everything old is new again” out there; recycled ideas coming back from my early years. Nothing wrong with that, since whole new generations are out there. But I want to win your copy of “Featuring”, or buy one, so I can “dive into” some “cutting edge” (I didn’t say that, either!) art, such as that which you have described, and be refreshed!

    • Frequent commentor Pete says there are no fresh ideas, and he may be right–I smile when I see hula hoops as the latest gym “invention” to lose weight around your middle. We did that playing. But id does make me smile.

  3. I like that this magazine offers a low resolution preview of the magazine on their website, kind of like flipping through it in a store – enough to see if you’re interested, but not enough to read it all. And I love that you have two inchies on the back cover which are joined to give another bit of found poetry, nice finish to the issue. I’d be thrilled to win a copy!

  4. Not too long ago I did a collage of Marilyn Monroe for my son. It turned out great and was so much fun! I used recycled paper, newspaper, magazines, tissue, even the foil from the top of wine bottles.
    I’m not sure what “found” poetry is but my grandson has started writing some very good poems but it sounds like something he would be interested in learning more about.
    Congratulations on your article. Enjoy your cake!

  5. I must live in a cave….I have never heard of this magazine ! It sounds deligtful! I hope I can find it at Readmore Book store it’s 30 miles away,but it s the closest place that carries a varety of art magazines Thanks for the info.

  6. Thank you so much for this post! I didn’t know anything about this magazine and thanks to your post, now, I want to read it through. And, I’d love to win a copy!

  7. Just found your twitter account in time. Loving what I’m seeing. Please enter me in the drawing as well. Magazine sounds luscious!

  8. I’d love to see this magazine! I’ve heard of it, but I can’t find it in my area. I love reading magazines about art and artists. They offer a world of inspiration and eye candy!

  9. How fun to discover a new-to-me magazine that seems like it will push all my delight buttons. I can’t wait to read your article, and would love to be in the drawing for a copy. And please count me in as interested in purchasing a copy.

  10. Please count me in for the drawing; this magazine contains my 2 favorite mediums: poetry and collage!! That it there is an article (by you!) on Found Poetry greatly appeals to my scavenger / treasure-hunter nature! Thanks ever so much 🙂

  11. I’ve a copy of this issue. While the paper quality is great and the colour is very vivid sometimes the layout suffers. I hope to see this improve over time as it is only early days. I do like the articles and the creative people that it introduces. Great to see your article in it and your offer for a copy. Also it’s nice to promote magazines such as these and give them the heads up. Thanks

    • My eager-reading eye doesn’t stumble over the layout. I will say that I wish the color on the last found poem (the one on a single book page) was far more vivid than the original, but I know the magazine was re-printed in its entirety because of the color on the first image. As a recovering perfectionist, I am willing, as you are, to give them some time to grow into their great content.

  12. This sounds sublime! *I love your chocolate cake comparison :)* I’d be interested in buying a copy, if I don’t win the give-away.

    …and PLAY ON — I love the sound of an online poetry adventure!

  13. I would love to win the 3rd issue! I am trying to save cost, so I purchase two issues at a time but I am very impatient for #3! Hope I win!

  14. Wow! I follow you and iHanna every day and have drooled over / been mesmerized by Elizabeth St Hilaire Nelson’s art for a few years now. What a treat to have you all in one magazine. I must have very good taste!

    Yes indeed, I would buy a copy of Featuring: magazine. Thank you for all you do for us.

    • Now that the Inner Hero book is done, and the grammar book (for the business side of my life) is done, I can pay attention to developing art and writing classes again. And I plan to. Thanks!

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