Go Back to Possibility

Note: The winner of the Featuring magazine #3 is Sandy Ward. Congratulations, Sandy! The three people who want to buy the magazine have also been notified. Thanks to everyone for participating and loving Featuring magazine!
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Paper-Cut-Sculptures-9-590x757For my visual readers: Thanks to Pete, here is the visual treat for the day: Peter Callesan is a paper artist who cuts images out of paper and uses both the positive and negative space. CreativeGreed has a series of his work. You can also see different sculptures at Peter Callesan’s website.

His sense of humor combined with his talent turns ordinary  A4 sheets of paper into clever art.

For seekers: We all know the commentors on this blog are smart, sharp and verbal. So are my coaching clients. Last week, one of my clients was talking about changing her approach to creativity. She’s done some wrestling with her Inner Critic over the past few weeks. “I want to get back to possibility,” she said.

And just like that, I knew it was a brilliant. We wake up in the morning and start thinking what we are not and what we don’t have–“I’m still tired, I didn’t get enough sleep,” or “I’m late,” or “I don’t have time for breakfast,” or  “It’s not Friday, and I hate work.” Imagine if we woke up and got back to possibility.

“It’s a new day, and I wonder what will happen today?” or “If I don’t check my email, I can get to work on time and avoid the stink eye. That would be nice!” The place of possibility is right under the wet blanket we toss on the smouldering resentment of our lives. You don’t have to fear the place of possibility–it doesn’t obligate you. It just has. . . a fresh possibility.

-Quinn McDonald thinks possibility is almost as good as a cappuccino first thing in the morning.


9 thoughts on “Go Back to Possibility

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  2. Yes! Thanks to Pete! What a great work of art. And made all the better through the use of color, or the lack of it. The detail is incredible. thanks for sharing.

  3. The idea of possibility is wonderful! Planning on trying this every morning before I get out of bed. I’m hoping to see how many positives I can cram into each day. The first one right now is kicking the Inner Critic to the curb. I want my evening to be filled with joy and fun in the studio. Absolutely no room for nay sayers or the infamous Inner Critic!

  4. Serendipity! just two days ago I finished a piece about what my intentions for this year are. It looked incomplete so I dug out a stamp I have and used it: I dwell in possibilities. To me that summed up how my life ought to be lived – and here you are today saying much the same thing.

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