Dusting off an Old Book

Books shouldn’t be judged if you use them for purposes they weren’t written for. Giving a book a new life by giving it a second chance is a wonderful thing.

    Use Jocasta Innes's "Paint Magic" for your journal projects, too.

Use Jocasta Innes’s “Paint Magic” for your journal projects, too.

Jocasta Innes’s book, Paint Magic is a book reborn for me. In the 80s, I bought it to give myself some new ideas for creating interesting painted walls. I recently discovered that the same techniques can be used in art projects.  Paint Magic did a great job for that alternative purpose, and I’m delighted to recommend it for book artists, which is why I purchased it.

Looking for some new techniques to create backgrounds for my art journals, I flipped through the pages and found a section on using gesso (a background that prepares a canvas or board for paint) and another on stenciling.

Each technique has a description of the effect, then includes preparation, materials, equipment, how-to and some variations. There are wonderful photos of the finished result (on walls).

Sure, the book includes rubber stamping on walls, but for journals, I recommend Graining (p. 106), marbling (p. 114) and ragging (p. 53). The techniques can be easily adapted and give delightful results.

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and certified creativity coach who is sifting through a lot of ideas to create a few good, new classes.  Don’t miss her local classes starting on March 9 in Paradise Valley, and her class at the White Tank Library in Waddell on March 23