Poem Titles

Yes, I’m doing research for an online class on writing your own poems for your own journal. One of the issues that will come up is the title you choose.


Image: Beachchatcat.com

For years, I’ve had book and poem titles run through my head. The Inner Hero book was originally going to be called Magic and Metaphor, but it is now considered smarter to choose a title that explains the concept of the book. Yes, that’s right. But poetry is different.

In the shower, on my morning walk, titles have always appeared. Titles for poems? Titles for books? Poems firs lines? Who knows. Here are some that have silhouetted across my mind:

A Handful of Night

Shutters, Shadows, Shelter

Lift the Moon into the Sky

Teaching the Hawk to Fly

Too-Sweet Sound Bite

Untangle the Sparkline

When you think of the poetry of your life, what line connected to an idea crosses your mind?

Quinn McDonald is a creativity coach and journaler, writing through the night.