Saturday Creativity Links

The last week, I have been swooning over those “paper as paint” collages–people who carefully cut, tear, and paste paper pieces to shape images, like Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson, who paints with paper. She creates richly-colored paper collages that are illustrations.

This video shows how she builds the support, does the underpainting and then collages.

Peter Clark does the same thing with his dog collages. He uses a variety of

"Too Precious" by Peter Clark's garment collection.© Peter Clark.

“Too Precious” by Peter Clark’s garment collection.© Peter Clark.

papers, including maps (maps!) to create movement. I’m in love with the greyhound and the dalmatian. He has other sections on his site, too. I’m not generally a fashion maven, but his collages of garments have huge charm for me, as well. Clark has a book out, too.

"Hidden Staircase" © Ronni Jolles, from her collection of sold work.

“Hidden Staircase” © Ronni Jolles, from her collection of sold work.

Not all artists who use this collage have the same result. Another artist who does paper painting collage, but with a totally different look  is Ronni Jolles.  Jolles  subjects are landscapes, and very different from Nelson’s or Clark’s. The subjects she uses are more textured, so her work seems more like mixed media. (Yes, collage really is mixed media as it uses paint and paper). Some of her work is almost photographic.

Interpretation and execution is one of the interesting things about creativity. The same idea can be carried out in so many different ways.