Quinn’s Ink Technique

For the last four years or so, starting with Monsoon Papers, I’ve been working with ink, using it instead of paint. Then I developed this fun ink drop technique for backgrounds for found poetry or as part of a collage. This is what the completed piece looks like:

Quinn's ink technique in three colors.

Quinn’s ink technique in three colors.

Part of the thrill of making these pieces is seeing the ink move. And the only way to show you that is with a video:

I can spend an inordinate amount of time developing these. And yes, they are in the upcoming book.

Quinn McDonald is actually starting to do videos. And liking them.

20 thoughts on “Quinn’s Ink Technique

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  2. Put your paper on an old turntable (portable record players are best if you can find one) and set the speed to the lowest it will go. Some of the players had 16 rpm which gives you some neat spirals. Faster RPMs give you more of a burst pattern. Keep playing!

    • There are two kinds of ink we think of first–dye ink (like fountain pen ink or most Higgins inks that are transparent) and pigment ink (acrylic ink with color created by particles. This is Acrylic Ink and hence, made with pigments. It’s the pigment pieces that zap out on the surface of the water. And yes, the paper is 140-pound cold press watercolor paper by Strathmore.

  3. I like your video(s?) too, it’s fun to hear your voice! I did some videos for my workshop and I HATE hearing my own voice… the accent, the ‘tone’, the ‘sharpness’… brrr… but sometimes it’s necessary to show a technique, I know. I’m glad you like making videos and I love the ink technique you show here!

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