The Whole Spread in Somerset Studio!

For years, I’ve been writing the Business of Art column for Somerset Studio. It was always somber and filled a page and when people said they read the dense copy, I was please and surprised.

About six months ago, TJ Goerlitz (artist and book contributor) asked if she could illustrate one of the articles. I thought it was a great idea, and so did Somerset Studio’s readers.


And now, to my huge surprise, when the March issue arrived, the one-page article has been put on two pages to give it breathing room and let TJ’s art shine!

I’m thrilled for her, and, well, I’m pretty happy for the column, too!

–Quinn McDonald is a writer and art journaler.


8 thoughts on “The Whole Spread in Somerset Studio!

  1. Congratulations Quinn! Magazine articles, blogging virtually every day, writing a book, teaching and running a home; AND walking early every day – how do you do it all? I am full of admiration! It’s been great too, to walk along the second book ‘journey’ with you and I can’t wait till it is published. Thanks for all you share so openly with us. I really appreciate it.

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