Slide into Creative Saturday

Some imaginative sites to give you some ideas for a beautiful Saturday (here).

Casey Cripe does careful, layered, intricate art that looks like many illustrations layered into one. Thanks to frequent commentor Pete for this one. Your eyes drop deep into the work, then come back up to understand the concept, then dive down again.

Richard Sweeney's intricate paper sculpture.

Richard Sweeney’s intricate paper sculpture.

Richard Sweeney works in paper forms. He does three-dimensional work in paper, and the intricacy is amazing.

The lighting of some of the sculptures make them feel otherworldly.

The link above takes you to Sweeney’s Flickr site, with a big selection of the projects that fill his mind–and, I’m assuming, a lot of his time.

If you need a place to store all those books you are going to turn into art, visit books1You May Say I’m a  You’ll find wonderful bookcases as chairs, as window seats (didn’t you always want a window seat?). Personally, I’d love the book-treadmill, which seems to combine both reading and exercise. Sounds good to me.

If you want to play with paper this weekend, but just have the machine-cut paper, here’s a link to one of my blog posts on creating your own deckle-edges on paper that doesn’t come with them.

Derwent’s Inketense inks are suddenly finding a new flush of popularity. I’ve loved them for a long while for their transparency and their ability to blend well. Here’s a review I did on Derwent Inktense watercolor pencils. In that article, you’ll find a link to Derwent’s Graphitints, too.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Quinn McDonald is making the samples for next week’s class, Art Journaling for Perfectionists. (March 9 at Paradise Valley Community College) The link takes you to the basic information, including the registration link.



2 thoughts on “Slide into Creative Saturday

  1. Quinn – your original review led me to Derwent Intense watercolor pencils, which in led me to many flights of fancy and fun. Thanks!

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