Jill Badonsky: The Muse Is In

Jill BadonskyTonight, Jill Badonsky came to Changing Hands bookstore (Tempe, AZ) and did a book signing for her new book, The Muse Is In. Jill is a creativity coach, artist, writer, funny and genuine speaker, and her book is a huge boost for every creative soul.

“Everyone is creative,” is a statement that every creativity coach knows is true, and so many clients don’t. “It’s not about creativity,” Jill said, “it’s about resistance.” Sure enough, a lot of creative people don’t want the responsibility of being creative. It’s a hard job, and not everyone around you appreciates it. Even if you think it’s easier for you or your colleagues if you “go along to get along” and bury your creativity, you won’t be happy, and your unhappiness will spread to your colleagues. What a loss.


Thousands of things go right for you every single day.

“Talented people aren’t necessarily happy,” Jill said, and that’s  another great truth. Somehow, talent is supposed to make you happy. But often, if you are in the wrong job, then your talent doesn’t matter. (How many artists, writers and musicians–especially women–were told to be teachers, secretaries, or nurses and do their art “on the side?”) It takes a lot of strength to create the job that highlights your talents. Yes, I said “create the job.” That’s what a creativity coach is for. To help you tap into your courage and strength to do the work that uses the talent you have. It will bring you satisfaction and it will make the world a better place. A big order, certainly. But why spend your life doing work you don’t like or aren’t suited for?

My favorite tip from Jill this evening was the “credit check,” in which she asked us all to review our day. While we were churning (I’m supposing I wasn’t alone in thinking of unfinished, undone, almost-late work), Jill said, “what did you do that was wonderful, that was a win?” We so often don’t think that way–and it’s such a better way to put the puzzle of a day together.

Jill designed, illustrated and wrote the book. Wow!

Jill designed, illustrated and wrote the book. Wow!

From the second we wake up in the morning, we start to think of what is undone, late, not right. Giving time to the day to check in on what was completed, done right, and an opportunity to grow can change the day (and your head) around.

It was a positive, interesting happy evening. And while I’ve just spent about an hour with the book, I know I’ll be using it for inspiration for myself and for my clients.

It’s fun to look at, interesting to read, and inspiring to think that Jill wrote, designed and illustrated the book!

-Quinn McDonald enjoys the idea of designing, illustrating and writing a book, and is grateful she didn’t have that responsibility. But she loves being a creativity coach.


11 thoughts on “Jill Badonsky: The Muse Is In

  1. Thank you for this post! That quote, ” thousands of things go right for you every single day” is so appropriate for my classroom- I’m going to display it on my inspiration wall, and use it for our day’s end reflection. I like the idea of the “credit check” for my young adults- a more relevant term for their age group.

    I so enjoy your writings; I always come away with, at the very least, a little nugget of something that makes me think!

    Shine on!

  2. This book was written for ME!! yes, I have a ‘day job’ but it really gets in the way of my creativity. It is hard to prime the pump after two days at work.. first day off, laundry, clean house, etc. then begin to work on your art. by the end of the second day (really first full day off) there is still creative work to be done, but you have to go back to work. So, I took today off!! YEAH!! I can now finish my projects, or at least bring them near completion without interruption. Feels good already!

  3. Talent is supposed to make you happy? Really, that’s something people think? Weird; I’ve always thought the evidence, such as it is, suggests exactly the opposite.

  4. Hi Quinn!
    Thanks for sharing about Jill Badonsky’s and her new book.
    I dind’t know her until now.
    See? I learn a lot reading your postings.
    Thank again!!
    Have a great day!!

    Guarulhos – Brazil

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