Perfectionist Makes a Postcard

postcard1Flipping through the completed postcards I’d made for iHanna’s international postcard swap, I decided two of them weren’t good enough. The Inner Critic agreed with me, so I sat down this afternoon to make a few more cards.

While I had fun, nothing turned out well enough to include in a postcard swap. The Splash ink explorations led to experiments, but nothing worth putting on a card. The new paper just in for my class in Sedona is colorful, but the card wasn’t special.

landscapeI know that any time in the studio is time well spent, and since tonight was trash take-out night, I cleaned up and picked up the paper towels to throw in the trash. There was a blue and purple one and a green and yellow one from the Splash Inks. And. . . the blue and purple one looked like sky, and the green and yellow one looked like a line of trees on one side.

I tore the paper towels into shapes, added a piece of handmade paper, and  made a postcard from them. The poured acrylic from last week, which was nicely dry, became the moon. I sewed over the edge and there was the last of the postcards, ready to send out. No time in the studio is wasted, ever.

Here are eight of the 12 postcards I made:

The brown/orange ones (mostly):


And the  blue-red ones:


Quinn McDonald is still arm-wrestling with her Inner Critic. He won’t like the new book, either.

22 thoughts on “Perfectionist Makes a Postcard

  1. Love seeing your cards altogether. It is funny what happens sometimes, and how unexpected results happen when we are open to seeing everything that is in front of us. Love the poured acrylic moon!

    • Poured acrylics are so much fun! I’m making several to take to my next out-of-state class, which is in Minneapolis. They might not dry there, so if I make several and take them, they can use those while they are waiting for their own to dry.

  2. Interested to see your Inner Critic is a ‘he’. Mine is definitely a she – an amalgam of mother,teacher and headmistress!

    • Yep, my inner critic is a big, loud “he”–a combination of every authoritarian, perfectionist, demanding, inflexible boss I had in my early days in the workforce–when *all* bosses were men, and not pleasing them (often by being both efficient and flirty) was a fast slide down the corporate ladder. To me, it also represents the shadow side of my strengths–the unclaimed powers I am still wrestling with.

    • I’m taking a class from Elizabeth St. Hilaire Nelson at the Sedona Arts Center on April 5, 6, and 7. it’s on painting with paper–collage with tonal elements in realistic subjects.

  3. I will have to write that line down and hang it on the wall in my studio… we can even expand it to ‘no time is ever wasted’ – don’t you think?

  4. I always save all the cleanup paper towels or baby wipes and reuse them. Great texture and usually interesting combinations of colors. 🙂

  5. People constantly attend to time; saving it, spending it, devoting it, planning it, dedicating it, wasting it. We practically obsess over it, sometimes examining it in minute detail.

    All that attention, and yet…what is it?

  6. Love that: no time in the studio is wasted, ever. As long as you’re moving you’re moving forward in a way, right? Even when it feels backward. 🙂

    Happy Easter!

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