Mind Over Chatter: On the Road to Minneapolis

Minneapolis has an incredible resource called the Minnesota Center for Book Arts. It teaches book structure, printing, marbling, and other book arts skills. And best of all, I’ll be there on the weekend of May 18 and 19, teaching Mind Over Chatter: Confronting Your Inner Critic Through Deep Writing and Mixed Media Journaling.  There is also a round-table discussion on Inner Critics on May 17 (Friday) evening.

Loose leaf journal page: gilded, dried leaves, double-exposure film photograph, on painted and stained watercolor paper.

Loose leaf journal page: gilded, dried leaves, double-exposure film photograph, on painted and stained watercolor paper.

What will the participants do in two days? Deep writing and art journaling–a combination I love teaching because of the incredible results that come from giving yourself time to write what you feel.

Art journaling is often more about art and less about journaling. But deep writing as an intuitive and creative tool transforms your art journals into rich explorations instead of a collection of completed pages. Come explore and experiment with both writing and art techniques and then combine both on loose leaf journal pages. Students will make “Monsoon Papers” — a surface design technique that requires giving up control with astonishing results — and a folio for completed pages.

There will be a good deal of experimentation, and because the pages are loose-leaf, they can be re-worked and then selected and sequenced in various orders with different results.

Folder for loose-leaf journal pages. Monsoon papers, stitched.

Folder for loose-leaf journal pages. Monsoon papers, stitched.

I don’t teach often in the Midwest, and I’m already looking forward to meeting book contributor T.J. Goerlitz, whose enthusiasm for the Center made the connection for me. What a find! (Both TJ and the Book Arts Center).

You can register on this page, scroll down as the workshops are listed by date, and May 18-19 is closer to the bottom than the top.

There is early-bird pricing and joining the Center will give you a break in the price as well.

I’m so excited about this class.Deep writing, Monsoon Papers and loose-leaf journal pages all in two days–explore your journey, art journaling, and discover yourself in deep writing. I hope to see you in May in Minneapolis!

Quinn McDonald will be doing a lot of traveling starting in May. There will be more announcements as the workshops develop.


8 thoughts on “Mind Over Chatter: On the Road to Minneapolis

  1. Will your new book teach us (those who live too far away to come to your workshops) how to do combine deep writing with journaling?

    • Yes, it will. Each chapter has an art technique and a writing technique. You can choose to make it deep writing by spending time with the exercises. I hope to be invited to teach in a lot of different spaces and places, both as writing classes and as art journaling classes, and I sure hope I get to see you!

      • I am already very excited about your new book and can’t wait to hold it in hands? I am living in Europe (Luxembourg). Do you think you will travel all this way with your workshops?

        • I would love to–but I need to be invited to make it work. I’m always on the lookout for connections. I’d like to do a tour through England, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Germany and Scandanavia–I have followers in those countries. (I’d also like to go to Australia and New Zealand, but that’s a different direction). My book will be out earlier than expected–in early January, 2014. I’m so pleased you are excited, too!

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