Reaching Out for Connection

On my walk this morning, I noticed a blooming plant at the top of a chain-link fence. I wondered what was holding it up, and since it was blooming, something was allowing it to not just hang on, but flourish. (There is also a tree behind the plant, but they are not connected; you’ll see it better in the second photo).

plant2Closer inspection showed that the plant had crawled to the top of the fence on a slender green stem, and was drawing nourishment through about six and a half feet of stem. There were some other stems, too. Either from a prior year or from a prior attempt.

plant1When I notice something intriguing I always think how it applies to everyday life. I think about people who thrive in unlikely places by building connections that reach what nourishes them, however far away or tenuous. Or how important connections are, that we can’t thrive without them, and they are worth re-building if they fail.

plant3And I walked on, encouraged to keep going in an unlikely place, connected to the things that nourish me.

-Quinn McDonald is in Sedona, surrounded by red rocks and art.


8 thoughts on “Reaching Out for Connection

  1. Looks like a clematis–that’s how they grow, climbing on seemingly dead vines. I checked my “heavenly blue” one this very morning, thinking–as I always do–that this year it didn’t make it. But on a closer a look, soft green fuzzy nodules were sprouting on the thinnest, most brittle elbows and knees of vine. Love clematis, and your essay.

    • You know plants much better than I do. Clematis needs cold feet, and this plant would get direct sun until at least 5 p.m. all summer long. But then again, it’s a tough little guy. Our plants are so different from plants that thrive in the East. I’d love to see your garden patch, I know it’s thriving!

  2. beautiful analogy….i love that if shows how few the connections need to be but how strong….1 strong vine….1 strong friend….powerful!!!

  3. Early morning here… word is unravel,before and since arriving in the uk,there has been much to unravel in every aspect of my life,emotions,stuff,paperwork ,family friends,animals. Your post hit such a spot today….nourish….I have the opportunity here….if I choose to and can find the energy…… do all the things I missed whilst living away. It was unavailable in the remote place i lived before,there was plenty of nature,and that kept me sane just about. But new people,connections,thriving ,learning, I lost it all. I have it all here,down to me now,no excuses. But NOURISH..your soul,your heart,love,good friends,art,the sea,second hand markets,art supply shops,great walks,speaking in my own language,all simple pleasures really…..but I was wilting,undernourished by the things that make me who I am. I probably am a bit odd,but as usual your post resonated with me. Thankyou,enjoy your trip. You are one busy lady and a real inspiration. X

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