Saturday Joyride

Yes, it’s Saturday, and time for a creative walkabout to see what’s happening with creative folks.

Robin of Open Eyes, Open Mind, Open Heart makes beautiful mandalas. Her blog shows several she’s made recently and one is shown step-by-step. Beautiful!

Here’s more about the history of mandalas and the famous Buddhist sand mandalas that they painstakingly make, and when completely, the monks sweep them away and let the sand or river take them.

A page from Jane LaFazio's sketchbook.

A page from Jane LaFazio’s sketchbook.

I’m in love with the watercolor art of Jane LaFazio. She has such a lively, deeply satisfying style.

Abstract art is not just paint spilled on a canvas. Jo Murray does some interesting abstracts, and discusses her process in a fascinating blog.

Jane Farr does beautiful, delicate, colorful, powerful calligraphy. And there are links to contests and more on her blog.

Have a creative weekend!

–Quinn McDonald loves color. And sometimes she loves monochromes. Because it’s all beautiful.

4 thoughts on “Saturday Joyride

  1. I love the direction you sent me today! The mandalas are inspiring! I want to make one! but not in sand, please. I want to take Jane LaFazio’s online classes. And you are (w)rite about Jane Farr’s caligraphy being powerful and delicate at the same time. How does she do such elegant work?
    Thanks for the trip!

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